Soft drink alternatives to alcohol

Recent years have seen an increase in people turning away from alcohol. With driving forces like dry January and Stop-tober, the younger generation is leading the way in the sober revolution. Whether you are sober curious and want to reduce your alcohol intake, or you are cutting out the booze altogether either long or short term, there is no reason that you should miss out on tasty drinks when meeting friends and family in the pub or restaurant.

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Going booze free doesn’t mean you are relegated to regular soft drinks. You don’t have to sit in the pub nursing a lemonade with a straw while everyone else plays with the gin menu or makes their way through the pale ale section. There has been a real revival in the no alcohol drinks market, with flavors and combinations as grown up and sophisticated as the most complex wines.

Breweries are finally seeing that there is a market for no alcohol beer, especially as many young people do not drink. For those working with post-mix suppliers, this growing market is bringing some interesting changes in the bar stock and the drinks list. Here we look at three of the tastiest on offer.

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Booze free beer

For some, to avoid the fear of missing out, it is easier to drink a beer with no or low alcohol (0.5%) than it is to drink a fruity soft drink. Plenty of breweries now offer low or no alcohol versions of their best brews, with Erdinger and BrewDog making some of the tastiest available.

Sophisticated flavors

If you miss the complexity of wines or the florals of the IPA, then try drinks from Franklin & Sons with adult tasting blends using black pepper, star anise, juniper, and lemongrass. If you are looking to stock your bar with adult-friendly soft drinks, post mix suppliers Empire UK cannot recommend these blends enough.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Nevermind mocktails, these days the non-alcoholic cocktail is standing on its own two feet and not trying to mimic anything. Blending cranberries and rowanberries, Monte Rosso, from Wisehead Productions, is a fabulous aperitif that ticks all the boxes.

So next time you hit the bar, have a try of these booze-free blends and brews. Going alcohol-free no longer means going thirsty.


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