The Best VR Headsets – Are They the Future Of Entertainment?

You have certainly heard about virtual reality at this point, unless you’ve been living under a rock. It is, without question, some of the more impressive entertainment technology that currently exists. Put on a headset, boot up the latest VR supported game, and feel yourself be instantly transported to a new world.

But is this really the future of entertainment, or is it headed for a similar fate as home 3D technology? As it currently stands, VR headsets are not only still very popular but increasingly becoming more affordable as well. New headsets are coming out on a regular basis and can be picked up for reasonable prices.

Here are some of the latest, and speculation on if they have a future.

Oculus Quest

As far as affordable VR goes, you need not look further than the Oculus Quest. It is a standalone, wireless VR experience, meaning that it doesn’t need a computer or console to function. It is just about as convenient as VR gets, and will likely win over many who are sitting on the fence.

But there are significant drawbacks to all that convenience. It offers very limited performance, having roughly the same processing power as a modern iPad. This isn’t too bad, at least if you’re not picky about being on the cutting edge. A modern console far outdoes the Oculus Quest, and a gaming PC makes it look absolutely silly by comparison, not even being in the same ballpark.

But, it is still portable, and it is still VR. Chances are though that it will be obsolete in record time, making it a questionable purchase. At the least, it can stand as a gateway to better VR headsets.

Sony PlayStation VR

This is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, by far. If VR has a future, this is likely where it will be. It offers great VR performance and quality, although not the best. It is very affordable, assuming you also have at least a PlayStation 4. Plus, more importantly, it comes with motion-tracked controllers that take VR to the next level.

The biggest con by far is that there are so few tops of range VR games available for the system. If VR has a future is more or less based on how many fully-fledged games there are on offer, and at the moment that number isn’t especially convincing. At the least, you can enjoy many of the VR casino games that are soon to be taking the world by storm, including Pokies in Australia that lets you be transported to another world to spin the reels.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive tethers to your home gaming PC and offers by far the most compelling VR experience possible. It tracks your room, making use of the space, provides extremely high-quality virtual reality images, and comes complete with motion trackers.

The biggest drawback is the enormous price tag. A gaming console can be purchased for the same price, meaning that only a select few are ever even going to own an HTC Vive system. Though, there are many benefits to the device being PC-based. Namely; a huge selection of games, even if many aren’t what could be called the top of the range. It still means there is plenty to mess around with.