The best radiators for small spaces

If space is tight in any room, finding a radiator that can still pack a punch with its heating power while taking up as little space as possible is important.

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Here are some radiator choices that can be small on space but big on style.

Slimline style

If you’ve got a small space to furnish, you don’t necessarily want to compromise on style, and slimline radiators are often a good choice to fit onto a small wall or where space is currently not being used, for instance behind a door.

Towel rail radiators that multi-task are a great way to save space in a small bathroom.

Make a statement

Ideal Home has some styling tips to help you incorporate a column radiator into your decor scheme. Steel column radiators such as the Roma range can be supplied in a huge variety of widths, heights, and colors, so they could fit any space and design scheme. Apollo supplies column radiators that can be customized to any creative idea and can be incorporated into kids bedrooms, galley kitchens, shower rooms or any small space.

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Many modern radiators are designed to look like a piece of modern art instead of a typical heating system, and these are a great choice for small spaces because they can mean you do not need to add any more space stealing decor items such as plants or floor lamps to make a style statement.

Modern lines or traditional spirit?

The right radiator can become an artistic feature as well as an efficient heating system in your home. Copper finishes and grey steel colors are very on-trend but so is capturing the spirit of days gone by with some traditional styles. Column radiators work well in rooms with period charm as they are a classic style that can blend the looks of days gone by with the performance of up to date heating technology.

The size of your room won’t stop you finding the right radiator, with so many radiators available to choose from with slimline styles and customizable dimensions available. Work with a radiator supplier to consider the different options to fit any small space you need to heat, and you’ll soon be enjoying your tiny room as a cozy space.