Picture Perfect: How to Organize an Instagram-Worthy Picnic Party

Summer isn’t over yet, so if you want to do something unforgettable in the month of August, organizing a picnic party is a stylish, fun, and creative way to celebrate a beautiful summer day. Plan your picnic ahead to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies and make the event as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Here are a few easy tips to follow if you want to host a party that will be one for the books!

Choose the right location

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning a picnic is the location of the event. For an Instagram-worthy picnic, you want to pick a spot that will be visually appealing, have good lighting, and provide an interesting backdrop for pictures. Luckily, there are many different options available such as parks, gardens, beaches, or even rooftops. Take into consideration what exactly you want to do during the picnic: will you bring finger food, order from your favorite chain, or maybe you want to grill some meat, which will inevitably require a special space? Last but not least, ensure that there is access to restrooms nearby too!

Decide on a theme

Themes and decorations can be as creative or simple as you desire, depending on what kind of vibe you want to create for your perfect picnic party. Consider themes that reflect the season or event being celebrated, like a summer-themed picnic with bright colors or one that welcomes autumn which requires cozy blankets and warm beverages. You can also ask all your friends to bring something of a certain color or to only buy those food items that start with the first letter of their names. No matter the theme, things like balloons, fairy lights, and floral arrangements are always a wonderful idea when putting together a picnic setup.

Get the right utensils

When thinking of picnics, we usually associate them with plastic cups and plates and overall not the best kitchen utensils one could use. In order to make your picnic truly Instagramable, you need to pay attention to these details. Instead of the basic plastic plates, bring some fancy bowls in vivid colors and get some Irish pottery mugs to enjoy your beverages and also create a beautiful visual effect in the picture. In case you don’t happen to own those, you’re sure to find the ones to your liking in online stores like this one. Finally, pay attention to the knives and forks as well and choose some that fit the aesthetic.

Create the menu

Finally, food is without a doubt the most important part of such a party, and when it comes to food for an Instagram-worthy picnic, the possibilities are endless. For appetizers, you can provide a mix of sweet and savory foods so that all tastes can be catered for, as well as snacks throughout the day or in between meals. If you have chosen a summer theme, make some light salads with fresh fruits and vegetables or some homemade sandwiches with various fillings such as tuna, avocado, or chicken. A charcuterie board is also great for picnics and looks amazing in pictures; pick out some interesting cheeses, meats, and crackers and build a spread where everyone can get whatever fits their taste.