Haunted Football Stadiums around the World

Football stadiums all over the world are filled with a lot of memories for the fans and the players as well. A lot of memories have been cherished and a lot of players have been glorified. But as much as football is the world’s most beautiful game and gives fans opportunities to make extra money through sports betting online. It is also a sad reality that there are some stadiums that have carried some bad omens in the game. Bad spirits we may say, there are actually some stadiums that have witnessed death and violence. And these stadiums are believed to have been haunted by ghosts. Let’s highlight some of these stadiums that may have carried some good memories but also carry a bad spirit within them.

Stadium of Light – Sunderland

The team’s nickname is well-known as the Black Cats. And that might start to ring a bell for you, isn’t it? Back in April 2005, some backroom staff claimed to have seen a black shape in a faintly lit corridor. But then people just argued it was just someone walking. Not long ago, in September 2016 fans who were watching Monday Night Football on Sky Sports were left spellbound. They spotted a groundsman doing the chores on the pitch but a moment later disappeared into thin air.

Highbury – Arsenal until 2006

One of the most decorated Arsenal managers of all time Hebert Chapman revolutionized the Arsenal football club to become one of the greatest clubs in English football. During his successful years at Arsenal, Chapman suffered a severe cold that dragged him to watch Arsenal playing for three consecutive weeks, and that further weakens him. When Arsenal left Highbury for the Emirates Stadium, it was reported that late at night you could hear Chapman’s restless ghost moving up and down the corridors of the famous and glorious stadium.

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