Five Tips for Organizing Your Garage

It’s all too easy to see your garage as an overflow area for all those things in your house that you don’t know where to store. However, taking time to make sure your garage is kept organised means you’ll know just where to find things when you need them, and you won’t feel the frustration of having to sort through everything each time you go in.

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There are lots of great tips for organising your garage online; one article has an impressive 51 ideas. However, focusing on just five is a great way to start.

Have A Good, Clear Out

Before you start to organise your garage space, try to declutter and free up as much space as you can. Throw away all those bits and pieces you’ve been hoarding if it’s more than likely they’ll never be used.

Measure and Plan

Work out what storage items you plan to keep in your garage, and measure carefully to see how much storage space you have. Then you can work out where your shelving areas will be and how you will organise your storage. Planning what you will use your garage space for will help you work out the best arrangements.

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Storage and Shelving

Invest in some sturdy, heavy duty garage shelving to be able to store everything in an organised way so you can easily see where things are. This helps stop things being damaged from being moved around or knocked too much.

There are lots of great ways you can customise your shelving so your storage items will fit into the space and the shelving will fit into your area. See some ideas here of how you can configure the shelves at

Box And Label

Once you’ve arranged your shelving units, you can work out a system for boxing and arranging your storage items. Seasonal things might be in a harder-to-reach area if you don’t need to use them so often, with more everyday items being easily accessible. Label your boxes so you know what’s in them.

A Place for Everything

Once you’ve organised your space and worked out a place for everything, it is much easier going forward to keep the garage organised. Make sure you return things to their right place and keep your space tidy.