How to Create a Great Website

A great website is the starting point for any online business. Your website, whether you work on website design in Swansea or retail in London, represents your company, so it has to look good and work well. Here we present a handy guide to help you get your web business started.

Pick the Right Domain Name

This article from the Guardian provides all the information you may need when choosing a domain name, from prices to set-up to name ideas. Your domain name should be something fairly short that is easy to spell and type. Customers should be able to find your website domain easily by entering it into a search engine. Domain names usually cost a small amount of money but have to be renewed yearly.

Consider the Pitfalls

There are many mistakes that people make when setting up a website. This article from the Huffington Post highlights all the mistakes one woman made when setting up her own website. One thing she mentions is to not get too caught up in the design if you can’t afford to hire a professional. There are plenty of simple templates available that can be made to look good and can be filled with great content.

Think About Advertising

If you want to make money from your website, then you may want to consider hosting adverts on it. This may not be achievable immediately, as you may need to have a certain amount of traffic before advertisers will be interested in your site. Make sure the kinds of adverts you feature don’t bring down the tone of your site, and if you see any inappropriate ones be sure to remove them as soon as possible.

Make Sure it Represents You

our website should look and feel how you want it to. If you don’t like your website, then your customers probably won’t too. Make it a website that you would enjoy visiting. If you’re working with a web design company, then be vocal about your vision, and they will help you to achieve it.

Creating a new website can seem like a mammoth task, but it really isn’t too difficult when you have the right tools and information.