New Tech That Is Helping To Save Lives

Technology has come a long way in a short time, and that goes double for the medical world. New innovations are being introduced to the medical world on a regular basis, many of which are going a long way to helping save lives.

Take a look at some recent technological breakthroughs that are helping doctors around the world keep us healthier, happier, and safer.

Wearable Technology

One of the biggest hurdles faced by health professionals has always been the size and weight of essential equipment. Since lifesaving machinery has generally not been portable, treatment could only be administered once a patient was transported to a hospital, or paid a visit to the doctor.

But times have changed in a major way. A great deal of equipment has been dramatically reduced in size, and most can now even be worn by a patient. Wearable technology innovations mean that it is possible for anyone to monitor their own blood pressure, heart rate, and more, without so much as setting foot in a doctor’s office.

Electronic Health Records

Considered by many to be the biggest advancement the medical world has ever had, electronic health records (EHR) have been rolled out basically everywhere. Simply put, the speed with which medical records can now be created, updated, and shared is light-years ahead of where we were just a few years ago. This extremely fast access to information is key to saving lives, and medical professionals can now make decisions, and apply treatments in just fractions of the amount of time it once took.

Even more beneficial is that EHRs can be shared with hospitals around the country, or even around the world instantaneously, meaning that there is no longer any question as to whether a patient has been treated in the past.

All in all, that EHRs now exist is the jump forward that the medical world of yesteryear dreamed about.

Remote Monitoring

Wearable tech is also being combined into remote monitoring programs in many parts of the world. Devices are able to record a patient’s condition and upload that data directly to health professionals. This elegant solution means that enormous amounts of money can be saved since far fewer personal visits to the doctor are needed.

Plus, anyone with a potentially critical illness can receive assistance faster than ever before, without a phone call even needing to be made.

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Genome Sequencing

Once the human genome was sequenced, it opened up a number of doors for further study and helped push forward numerous treatments into a new era. However, it is now being thought that personal genomics might soon become a reality.

If every individual had their own genome sequenced, it could mean a breakthrough that altered humanity forever. After all, this could mean predicting diseases long before they occur, or perhaps even eliminating the disease entirely. But that is advanced yet to be properly realized.