A List of Lipozene Online Complaints

Here are some reviews on Lipozene and what some customers had to say about if Lipozene does work or not. You can also review Lipozene Side Effects through THP. Most of the complaints are tailored around side effects on the product or no weight loss.

Amazon Complaint 1:

This customer was disappointed the product failed to curb her hunger. She did not offer any specifics, so it’s difficult to comment other than to say it doesn’t work for everyone and perhaps she is one of those people.

Amazon Complaint 2:

Although the company has always stated there were no known side effects, this user experienced diarrhea for two days. Perhaps it was her body getting used to the Glucomannan, but if you are afraid to leave your house and cannot be far from the bathroom, it can be a problem.

Amazon Complaint 3:

A satisfied customer who lost 20 pounds in three months. She provides the information the company doesn’t: the pills alone will not work. The key is to combine Lipozene with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet.

Amazon Complaint 4:

This customer stated the product quit working half-way through the bottle. The review is not detailed, so there is no way to ascertain why that happened. Perhaps she had changed her diet and was not exercising as much. If, however, she was following the same regimen, it is hard to explain why it quit working.

Amazon Complaint 5:

The customer stated the capsule did not break down as it should. Since this is the only complaint she had, my guess would be she received an inferior bottle, and instead of giving a bad review, she should have asked for a replacement. Sometimes things don’t turn out perfectly, which is why retailers have a return policy.

Hopefully, these reviews from Amazon will help you make a decision about using Lipozene. It is important to remember the metabolism of each person differs and can make the difference between success and failure of any diet including Lipozene, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, or any other one you are considering. Do not think you can lose weight by just taking a pill, even a fat-burning pill like Burn XT. Any diet that results in weight loss requires a change of lifestyle (reduced calories and exercise).

Other complaints you may have seen include pricing—the average cost for a month on Lipozene is $90. What is important is to conduct research and find the retailer that has the best deal. If you are just starting, look for a money-back guarantee and follow the diet plan the way it is intended instead of believing the exaggerated advertisements.