The Best Betting Prediction Apps Right Now

If you are going to be betting at an online casino like or sportsbook you need to make sure that you have your books in order. This is one way you can guarantee yourself smart big wins. the beauty of the world we live in now is that there are a lot of tech tools that can help you out.  And, this article is going to be giving you some of the best betting prediction tools on the market right now.


This tool will allow you to predict matches and games from soccer leagues all over the World. It has been around since 2012 so it’s pretty new but they’ve managed to build up quite a reputation for themselves already. The main thing they offer that makes them different from other betting prediction apps is that they use real football data instead of just picking random numbers out of thin air as most do. They claim that by using real data rather than taking guesses and projections they’re able to get much more accurate results.

Stats 24

Stats24 is another good app that offers predictions from professional football teams and players. They take into account everything from past stats to injuries and what the opposition team is likely to do. They even go with their gut feeling and the result of previous bets. All of these things combine together to give their statistics a far better chance of being correct compared to the average betting prediction apps.


Leverage is actually a website that has developed an extremely popular betting prediction software for people who like using an app on a mobile phone or tablet. Leverage is available on both Android and iOS devices. They don’t really provide any explanations about how they come up with their predictions but the odds were pretty reasonable for