Biggest Fashion Disasters Of All Time

It can’t be easy being a celebrity, given that millions of eyes are watching your every move. This counts double as far as fashion is concerned, with virtually every item of clothing worn by celebrities analyzed by millions of fans.

With that being said, sometimes celebrities simply don’t make an especially good decision in the fashion department. Or at least, the guru assigned to make fashion choices on their behalf doesn’t do a particularly good job.

Let’s take a look at the times that a particularly awful fashion decision made the entertainment world headlines.

Björk Swan Dress

This little incident has lived on in infamy for some time. Icelandic singer Björk attended the 73rd Academy Awards in something that all but stunned onlookers. It appeared as if the lady had simply attached a swan to her torso, and wrapped the animal’s neck over her shoulders.

Sure, she absolutely knew what she was doing, since the outfit draws an enormous amount of attention. But in this case, it may just have been the wrong kind of attention. Either way, you can’t fault her for being memorable even if she wore the wrong thing.

Lady Gaga Meat Dress

She’s back, and this time is taking it to a whole new level. At the 2010 MTV VMAs, the 27-year-old singer appeared wearing a dress made from slabs of steak. It was, according to some, a fashion statement, but who knows what exactly she was stating.

Even Cher, who was dressed in a rather bizarre outfit of her own, didn’t seem to know what to make of the meat dress as she handed Gaga an award. When you make Cher look twice, you know you’ve really taken things a bit far.

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Lady Gaga Bubble Dress

Again, it is difficult to criticize Lady Gaga for her choice in outfits, since she very deliberately dresses outrageously. But even with that in mind, her now legendary bubble dress, worn in London, was perhaps a step too far. The eyesore wasn’t so much a dress as a messy, mechanical contraption strapped to her body, appearing as if a dozen or so children’s toys had been fused together. Plus, of course, the mess also blew bubbles wherever she walked.

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Nicki Minaj Everything

When it comes to Nicki Minaj, it is difficult to know where to even begin. She is clearly out to turn heads with her outfits, but the clothing she lands up wearing is often nothing short of cringe-worthy. Though, of course, like the others on this list, it is her intention to be noticed, and what better way than with truly striking outfits?

With that being said, few will forget her bizarre, towering wigs that look stolen straight from Marge Simpson. It was at the 2011 Grammy Awards that Minaj paired her enormous wig with a full leopard print dress and tights, resulting in everyone present almost falling on their faces in shock. Bravo.