How to style a maxi dress this summer

A maxi dress is a summer staple in many women’s wardrobes, and it’s easy to style various ways to get you through the season.

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An article in Your Summer Skin cites comfort, sun protection and the fact that you don’t need to shave your legs as some of the key reasons that maxi dresses continue to appear on catwalks and High Streets year after year.

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The very nature of a maxi dress is that it is cool, comfortable and casual. With so many different options on the market these days, it’s entirely possible to dress most maxi dresses up or down as much or as little as you’d like. For this reason, they are an extremely versatile piece that can be as appropriate for a summer wedding as they are for a day in the park. What are the best ways to style a maxi dress? Here is some summer inspiration for you.

With trainers

Lily Allen once wore trainers with a prom dress. While many people still disapprove of combining sports shoes with anything that isn’t sportswear, this is an effortlessly cool look that is as practical as it was stylish.


The light hues of denim go well with many summer colors particularly striking reds or yellows. A cropped denim jacket with a maxi dress can also go some way toward making your legs look longer and keeping you warm on those cooler summer evenings outdoors.

With heels

Teaming maxi dresses with heels is a great, classy look ideal for a formal summer event like a wedding. A black maxi dress available at AX Paris with nude heels and chunky gold jewelry is a perfect ensemble that is both cool and tasteful. The dress will also disguise the heels, making you appear naturally taller.

With a belt

A plain black maxi dress can be given a new lease of life with something as simple as a chunky belt. Not only does it add detail, but it also accentuates the waist for a more flattering look.

With beachwear

A maxi dress is the perfect beach cover-up. Often crafted from light fabrics designed to billow in the breeze, you’ll be cool and casual on the beach or by the pool. Teamed with flip flops, shades and a wide-brimmed hat, you’ll also be exuding style.