How to choose between classy or bold for our winter pieces

If you are the kind of person who likes to wear colorful and lively pieces, but also thinks the basic black coat is a must-have, then this article is for you. When it comes to picking up certain pieces in our wardrobe, it is very hard to decide if we want to go for something simple that is easy to wear, or if we want to be bold. In this article, we will talk about five of the most common pieces that are hard to pick and we will try to give you an insight into what’s easier to style even in a bold color, and what should stay neutral for a better usage of the item. Check out Pinterest for visual inspiration on how to style your bold pieces and let’s get reading.


Starting with the piece that you will use the most during winter, a coat is the biggest part of your outfits in the cold season. For your coat, if you decide to go with a bold color like magenta, bright green, or royal blue, you have to make sure that all of your other accessories match. It is harder to style, but once you have all the pieces, you should be fine. However, we think that getting a neutral coat, like a black one or a warm beige, gives you more space to get colorful accessories and play around with different vibes.


This is where we can start having a lot of fun, without feeling risky at all. A bag is a practical item as much as it is stylish, so getting a day-to-day bag that adds to your outfits is the best decision. We would suggest going for a bag with a pattern, you can choose one with a plaid design for a winter vibe. Check out some options here: This will ensure that you have an accessory that brings some style to your neutral coat, and you can match it with other accessories for a complementary look.


If you saw all the collections of patterned boots, you know the struggle of choosing between the trusty black boot and a fun Van Gogh-inspired one with colors, details, and interesting vibes. Black boots are probably the most basic and practical winter necessity, they go with everything, they are super stylish and if you choose the right ones, they are also comfortable. When it comes to this, we advise that you get adventurous only with a second pair. Having a colorful or patterned pair of boots will get you all the looks for sure, but some days when you don’t feel like thinking about what you want to wear, the black pair will be your hero. Shoes are harder to style if they are not plain, and they require putting some thought into every outfit, so this is where you should really think twice before buying something bold.