The Highest Paid Instagram Celebrities


Like it or not, we all spend a lot more time on social media than we care to admit. Instagram is one of the world’s most popular platforms, and for good reason. It’s the perfect place to share images and makes for the ideal platform through which fans can connect with all of their favorite celebrities.

Of course, in true Hollywood fashion, all of our fan favorites are cashing in on this. Brands from around the world reach out to celebrities and pay them to promote their products and events on their pages. The price of a single Instagram post these days is steep – take a look at who the highest paid celebrities on Instagram are below.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Former professional entertainment wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has a rare kind of superstar power. He is known not only as a sportsman but also as one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. He has earned a reputation as being one of the most bankable celebrities out there and over the past decade, he has taken his Instagram appeal to the next level. In 2020, he surpassed a whopping 200 million followers. He provides his fans with access to his fitness routines, cheats days, sense of humor, and career – and they can’t seem to get enough. As such, he reportedly charges USD 1,015,000 for a single post.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been one of Instagram’s highest-paid celebrities ever since she was a teenager. Before The Rock, Kylie was at the top of the list. She also has over 200 million followers and constantly gives her fans a glimpse into her life at home with her young daughter Stormi, extravagant vacations with her family, and upcoming products from her beauty line. These days, the billionaire can demand up to USD 986,000 per post.


Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is certainly no stranger to the limelight. While her Instagram account is rarely updated, when it is, she receives millions of likes within minutes of posting.

Between her unstoppable music career, her fashion line, various business interests, and scholarship programs, the superstar takes the time to provide her fans with brief insights into what she wears, events she attends, and family time with her husband, billionaire rapper and mogul Jay-Z and their three children, Grammy Award winner Blue Ivy and younger twins Sir and Rumi. Between all of this, Beyoncé charges upwards of USD 770,000 per Instagram post – that’s the size of a jackpot you can win when you play at Bet Big Dollar!

Cristiano Renaldo

As the most followed person on Instagram, footballer Cristiano Renaldo has a whopping 273 million followers from all over the world. Aside from numerous endorsements and multi-million dollar contracts, the soccer superstar is well on his way to becoming a billionaire. He often posts pictures of his practices and holidays with his family. If brands want to secure a spot on his grid, they have to put down an impressive USD 890,000 per post. It seems that being the world’s most famous footballer has its perks!

Tips For Successful Visa Applications


When you start planning the trip of your dreams, a visa application is usually the furthest thing from your mind. You’re probably so caught up in choosing a hotel that is perfectly located and making sure that you have enough time to visit all of the iconic landmarks to even think about the administrative process that goes with needing to apply for a visa.

There are just so many factors to consider when making a visa application and the unfortunate reality is that if you make a mistake on your application, no matter how small, your visa will be denied. Not only will this mean that your dream holiday is unlikely to happen, but it will also mean that you have wasted plenty of time and money.

Below, you will find a few of the best tips on how to avoid common visa application mistakes, as well as improve your chances of a successful outcome for your application.

Give yourself enough time

Always apply for your visa as far in advance as possible. Certain countries will place restrictions on this, such as only taking in applications a maximum of 30 days before departure. Whatever the rules are, make sure that you apply as early as possible so that you have enough time to check all of the visa requirements and to gather all of the necessary documents.

Applying for your visa as early as possible will help you avoid any possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances and can also help you ensure that your visa application will be processed in time, regardless of any potential derailments.

Check your documents

While every visa application is different, one thing is certain: there will be paperwork – and lots of it! Print out a list of the required documents and be sure to tick them off as you print them out. Refer to your checklist often and make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Remember: even the smallest forgotten detail can result in your visa being denied.

Also, note that certain embassies will require additional information such as a full itinerary of where you plan to visit and on which dates. You will need to draft these and then print them out to include in your submission. Set aside time to do all this, then reward yourself and sign up to play online.

Clearly state your purpose of travel

In almost every visa application, you will be asked why you want to visit that particular country. Perhaps you’re visiting family and friends, perhaps it’s a business trip, or perhaps your purpose is purely tourism – whatever your reason for visiting is, state it clearly on your application form. You will likely need to provide proof, so be honest about your intentions.  The main thing that immigration officials are concerned about is whether or not you are going to try and extend your limit of stay.

Don’t book everything too early

Until you have your visa approval in your hands, avoid booking anything. There is always a chance that your visa will be denied and you could end up losing thousands if you book flights and accommodation, only to be denied boarding because your visa wasn’t approved.

How to build an ecommerce website: what you need


There is no “right” way to go about the process of building an online store. However, we’d recommend a few tricks and tools to speed up the creation of your site. We recommend starting with the following elements:

Website Hosting – Sometimes this comes with SaaS (software as a service) you pay on a monthly basis as well as Shopify (read our full Shopify review) WiX (our readers to check the Wix ), or BigCommerce. (Read our full BigCommerce review). Other services (such as WooCommerce and Magento) require self-hosting. So, you signed up for the file. Separate hosting account and add-website files to that server It’s a little more complicated than a SaaS solution, but you have more control over your site and sometimes the cost can be lower.

Site Builder – Again, solutions like Shopify offer hosting and site builders in one monthly package. There are also third-party page builders for platforms like WooCommerce. Essentially, site builders act as drag-and-drop designers, eliminating the need for coding knowledge and speeding up their launch and management capabilities. Site

Domain name – The online business name of your store. You can buy a domain name from your hosting provider or eCommerce platform. They usually cost around $ 10 per year. Avoid buying one for a few hundred or thousands of dollars. The domain name is certainly important. But it won’t make or break your business. A domain name should reflects it’s niche for example: is a good resource to find the best Australian online casinos.

Website Theme – Unless you hire a designer for a new site, a template (or theme) will give you the design you need to make your store stand out. It depends on the e-commerce platform. But a good price point to start thinking about a theme is around $ 50 to $ 200. We recommend starting with a theme before you consider having a web designer build from scratch. Having said that, designers are always helping to adjust your themes for advanced customization. Overall, the website theme makes your site, shopping cart, and checkout look pretty.

Plugins or Extensions – Plugins or extensions will expand according to the functionality of your site so that you don’t have to go out and pay developers to make the most unusual integration requests for eCommerce platforms. Offers a plugin or addon directory with product categories ranging from social media to marketing and accounting strategies to shipping.

Potential Web Developers – Web developers and designers come in handy when you can’t think of a design change through your e-commerce platform. You may want developers to create specific tools on your website, for example, if you need a special price calculator or a good casino site like newzealand casino online. Lastly, developers and designers offer full website building services, even if you opt for an e-commerce platform like Shopify. They turn a simple website into a beast and have more platform knowledge than a beginner.

Ecommerce Community – Follow blogs for example. And sign up for forums, Facebook groups, and Reddit threads. People talk about e-commerce all the time on the Internet, giving you ideas on what to sell, how to develop your marketing plan, and when to sell products.

How To Build An Ecommerce Website

The first step in learning how to build an e-commerce website is to find the right platform.

There are many options, from SaaS solutions (software as a service) to self-hosted platforms. The goal is to find what you want as an online seller and the type of website you want to operate. For example, selling your new invention requires a simple website with fast hosting and a suitable marketing plugin. However, you will need a platform and theme for a large catalog if you plan on selling thousands of items.

You will also have to decide whether you are doing a B2B or B2C store, do you want drop ship products or are sourced from manufacturers and shipped yourself? Do you need specific features for market management or express delivery? These are all factors for you to choose.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best eCommerce platforms that should cover most of these situations. We’re going to focus on using Shopify to create an online store. But it’s important to realize that you have many other options.

What social media platforms are right for your business marketing?


As a business owner or marketer, you don’t have the time and resources to give everyone. You can’t be on every social media platform, but you can’t ignore it either. It is even more important to choose the right social media for your business goals and customers.

In today’s article, it provides a comprehensive overview of five of the main social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, along with tips on how to best use them. Let’s get started


Facebook is still the most popular social media marketing platform. It has 1.2 billion users worldwide, although it’s not the best platform for generating sales. But it’s the best platform for increasing your brand awareness. Getting full access to your brand content on Facebook requires the ability to target the ads tool. As users put their personal details on the platform, we can target them based on those details. What kind of business should be on Facebook? They’re all. Facebook is the only social media marketing platform you need, no matter where your business is. If you have your business page like australian online casinos then follow the best Facebook business page optimization tips and tricks.

-Facebook posts with photos generate 120% more engagement than plain text.

-250 shorter posts contribute more than 60%.

-Post longer Thursdays and Fridays were 18% better engagement compared to other days of the week.

-Post-non-question engagement questions.


Twitter, despite being the most well-known social media marketing platform, has 230 million monthly active users. Delivers 1 billion unique website visitors via embedded links. The good part of Twitter for businesses is that users are more likely to follow a brand than they do on other platforms. Stay up to date with what’s going on, which is why celebrities and musicians are doing so well. In fact, a lot of Twitter people are ready to listen and learn that only 60% of them post enthusiastically. Most of the users who follow the brand on Twitter do so to take advantage of special deals and discounts. Please keep this in mind when your product is pushed. Instead, try pushing forward the deals you offer.

What kind of business should be on Twitter? For all marketing companies, sports-related businesses, and news organizations, Twitter is more than any other platform, inextricably tied to current developments. If your sector or business is based on the things that are happening right now, you need to use Twitter to build your brand interest by being your source on Twitter for development in your sector. Pay attention to new technology, case studies, and news reports that will affect you. Twitter is also essential for building influencer relationships and communicating with your customer base. This makes it an essential platform for marketers of all industries. Top Tip: Since Twitter has added inline images, it’s pretty obvious that including images in your tweets increases engagement.


Instagram has a 4.21% user engagement rate, surpassing Facebook and Twitter’s 40 million images shared on Instagram every day. The most important factor for Instagram marketers is the age demographic if your business targets a younger demographic. Over 18-29 years, Instagram is where you need to be.

What kind of business should be on Instagram? Image-friendly businesses such as restaurants, clothing and fashion, food, architecture, technology, online casino games, etc. Due to the prominence of the 18-29 age group on Instagram, businesses with that target market should stay. On the website as well Remember, Instagram users are amateur photographers, so you can’t take pictures of your newest dessert and expect it to go viral. Put time and energy in your shots and you will contribute better than anything else. If you’re struggling with content for your Instagram profile, just think about making your business look great. Showcase the fun stuff you are doing, how exciting and creative your company is. Also pay attention to current events and holidays, as Instagram is closely related to what’s trending. Top Tip: User-generated content gets better engagement than business-generated content. You try Instagram photo contests.


Over the past year, Pinterest has moved to point 3, the most popular social media marketing platform for adults. Pinterest’s population is interesting, not just because it dominates femininity. Pinterest is ideal. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses. But it’s a Pin that is not only more rewarding than other social endorsements but still has a much longer influence over time. This is because Pinterest users simply scroll down the search results (because the pages are endless). For example, let’s say someone typed. “Idea hosting” in Pinterest search, as Pinterest’s algorithms are almost completely unpredictable, your products will be bound if they match the search terms and that’s great. That’s it. The only requirement

Any business should be on Pinterest. Fashion, photographer, jeweler, home hardware store (DIY). Women-dominated facts, Pinterest’s images, make it easy for those brands. Top Tip Brands with a large number of pin inclusion have an 82% higher rate of pin per pin ratio than regular Pins. Rich Pins are branded Pins with more information than regular Pin images. Most businesses looking to get Pinterest sales will be most interested in product Pins, including additional business links, prices, availability, and where you can shop.


The platform can be said to be a professional social media marketing platform, and in that respect, it is precise with 414 million users. People use the platform to monitor their business partners, find jobs, and network from time to time. What they do is periodically rather than on an hourly basis. This event marks the second point as the world’s most popular social media marketing platform, which makes LinkedIn difficult to achieve. LinkedIn businesses are losing the business networking battle to Google+, although they are very similar. All of this said, most social media marketing experts believe LinkedIn thrives, LinkedIn has had a huge influence. In the job search for both employers and applicants, It’s ideal for network connections and content sharing functions are getting better every week. However, it is a monetization platform like Pinterest and Instagram or an increase in brand awareness like Facebook and

What business should be on LinkedIn? All professionals should be individuals. While the effort you need to maintain your presence is less important than other platforms, check-in periodically to ensure your profile is stable. Instead, focus on your valuable time and energy on platforms that generate more income or awareness. There is room for small businesses to start conversations or be a trusted resource with the group function. Freelance marketers, bloggers, journalists, designers, and more are recommended to gain a significant presence on LinkedIn. Top Tips Before joining a LinkedIn group, check the group statistics (in the “More” tab below the group name. Make sure that the demographics match yours and that the group has the active status you want. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time looking for social endorsements that won’t happen.

Hopefully, with this article, you have a better idea of ​​the 5 social media they offer. Admin recommends that most businesses use one or two platforms that offer the best ROI and dedicate time and energy. However, do your research and watch as these platforms evolve.

What is Branding? Branding strategy That you can actually do


Branding is a marketing strategy and activity that helps build your business brand. And although branding is a term that many people use a lot, there’s more behind the scenes to build a good brand and customers than you might think. In this article, we will look at what branding is, how important it is and what branding strategies you can actually achieve.

What is Branding?

Branding refers to the marketing activities that businesses use to build their brand image. Through the creation of names, symbols, and other media so that customers can remember the business. Branding is to differentiate companies and products from competitors in the eyes of their customers.

Let me explain briefly. Brand or brand is a noun and Branding or branding is a verb. But there are some differences in practice.

A good brand like online casino Australia is easy to invite new customers and attract old customers to come back for a purchase. In short, no business will benefit from having a brand. In the next part of this article, I will explain the importance and advantages of branding again.

Building a brand is more complicated than just hiring a logo maker and advertising to promote your own business. In the eyes of the customer, be it the logo, the advertisement, or the way employees speak. Product appearance or after-sales service Is a mixture of ‘Company image’ all

The importance of good branding

Building a brand that matters Because brands make it easier for companies to communicate with their customers. In a shorter time, The opportunities gained from the convenience of this communication include To stand out from the competition Keeping customers long, and promoting easier and faster.

Branding can be very helpful. But it is something that comes with a lot of time and effort. (And for organizations like Coke, Nike, or Apple, that includes big money) So in this section, let’s look at how well these benefits are worth building a brand.

# 1 stand out from the competition

From a marketing point of view, nothing is more valuable than our products stand out and stand out from the competition. This difference makes customers stop asking if ‘Is the other person better?’, Why to buy it ‘or even’ get discounted ‘because in the end, being different means, you are rare.

Let’s look in real life at how many times you shop just because you know it or you’ve heard it before. We can see this kind of behavior all along, whether it’s buying water, buying clothes, or even buying a car, buying a condo.

# 2 keep customers long-term

In addition to attracting new customers, outstanding good brands can also invite customers to come back for a repeat purchase. Having repeat customers means that the marketing budget for getting new customers will be more rewarding like a best high roller casino. What’s more, repeat customers make it easier for us to predict long-term sales.

If we view the brand as communication that allows customers to understand the same message over and over. We can understand that even if the price is what attracts new customers. But the most repeat customers are those who are interested in value. Reliability and quality, so if we design good brand communication Customers will come back to us.

# 3 promote sales easier and faster

Ultimately, brands are marketing. Which is a matter of sales promotion The brand’s main strength is to create an image that customers can easily recognize. For example, European cars are luxury cars. iPhone is good mobile Seven is a convenience store that can do a lot of things.

I believe everyone has seen a Nike or iPhone billboard, as opposed to marketing a new product, a new company, and we can see how easy it is to advertise and sell branded products.

If we understand the basics of branding Let’s look at small business branding strategies. With little capital, it can be done.

What is branding strategy?

Branding Strategy It is long-term planning so that branding can achieve business objectives. A good branding strategy includes setting a branding goal. Understanding customer groups Selection of messages and communication channels and continuous measurement

We’ll say branding and branding are good things. But if we can’t actually do it This knowledge is no different from school text, the Branding Strategy is what makes our branding more tangible.

The components of a good branding strategy are as follows.

Brand Purpose – Even if a brand is a business image. And most businesses exist to generate profit but the goal of building a brand must be anything more than that. Overall, the goal of building a good brand is to help customers in some way. Or being the first or the expert in their own style

Core Message – Refers to the core message or message that we would like to communicate to our customers through our brand. This message should be communicated to customers continuously and across all channels throughout the life of the brand. The main theme should not have more than 1-3 topics.

Long Term Planning – Branding is long-term marketing, which can take up to 5 years, 7 years (or 100 years for some companies). Long-term planning is the scheduling and process of activities. Various aspects of marketing that a company can do in order to help build a brand

Actionable – It is the key to making any strategy work. This includes considering the resources in the organization. Such as the number of employees Employee skills, employee skills, time with funds

Measurable – to ensure that our branding strategy is in line with the goals we have set. Every work plan and activity must be measurable. Including sub-measurements of whether activities were successful or not And the overall measurement of whether customers can remember the brand better or not

Actually, apart from the Core Message issue, the rest of the components can be applied to all business strategies. It means that the basic principles of branding are not difficult to understand. But putting it into practice is more difficult. (Including having to endure repeating the same story for three years and five years)

The last thing we need to consider when building a brand is Positioning, or comparing our brand image with other competitors. From the customer’s point of view In this section, I advise everyone to read the basics of market positioning in this article first. Market alignment

If we understand what a branding strategy is, in the next part, let’s look at the branding strategies that can be done.

4 steps of a branding strategy that works

# 1 choose your branding goals

Choosing a branding goal is the starting point of every strategy. Because the process and marketing plan after this will have to be tailored to the goals that we set. Overall, the goals should include ‘Changing opinions’ of ‘our main customers’

As I have explained This part should not be profitable. But what should be done to benefit the eyes of customers, for example, I want to be a brand of cosmetics for the elderly. Want to be a car brand that customers can trust Or want to be a family restaurant brand

And if you are an ambitious brand Press, it may be to define that. Is it the largest brand in the country or the brand that customers like best? Can be supplemented with

You have to know your customer segment – unless you have a billion-baht main market budget. You cannot create a brand that people all over the country or the world can recognize. In this case, by dividing the customer segment first, we can create a specific strategy. And allows us to save a lot of marketing budget

If anyone is in doubt about choosing a group of customers, I recommend you to study the tools of marketing now and do STP Analysis.

# 2 choose a key phrase for branding

It means choosing the main content that we would like to communicate with customers. This should be the main point that makes your company or product stand out from the competition.

The main text should include:

Selling points – such as value for money, durability, and quality – are the reasons why customers make purchasing decisions.

Emotion – This refers to the emotions that are associated with the brand and that we want our customers to be associated with, such as happiness, comfort, and fun.

Some brands only ask customers to remember the message, one good thing can be sold. But a big-name brand like Coke can make people associate products with a feeling of freshness or happiness (for example, eating Coke and its refreshing is both a selling point and the same brand mood).

In this section we can However, we have to remember that many famous brands can change their slogan according to the era. As long as the message of communication still feels the same. See, for example, Coke Company.

# 3 Choose a channel (or multiple) to communicate with your customers.

This section is about choosing a channel to communicate with customers. Which is more of a basic marketing principle than direct branding.

A good channel is one that we can easily communicate with customers. And at a low cost Remember, building a brand is communicating the same message to your customers. Repeat until the customer can remember

In fact, these channels come in many forms. Such as advertising channels Sales channels How the employees speak Or even the look of the warehouse and packaging

That means every opportunity that customers can receive information from us. Well, it is a branding opportunity, with two factors we need to consider:

Consistency – to make it easier for customers to recognize the brand. All channels must be able to communicate the same messages over and over to customers. If the advertisement tells us that our products are safe Our sales and packaging staff must also be able to communicate these messages.

In addition to that, consistency includes the ability to communicate the same message over and over. Over a period of 3 years and 7 years, it may seem easy, but getting all channels to communicate the same message over and over requires effort. A lot

Employee Collaboration – If you’ve read through this section As you can imagine, brand-building marketing activities and each of them requires employees.

At the very beginning Supervising staff, or speaking directly to customers, are essential when communicating the core message of the brand to the customer. But in the long run, we have to focus on the whole organization. Because whether it is both inside and outside of work hours These employees should be able to show the brand identity as well.

In this section, I recommend you study the creation of corporate culture. If our employees are ready The brand is very easy to create. Articles on organizational culture

# 4 communication, troubleshooting, And continuous development

In the last 3 steps, I will explain the basics of preparing to build a brand. But in the fourth step, we will look at the actual operation.

Brand communication – including workflow design Product design Packaging design And staff training So that the brand message is consistent and consistent across all channels Both for the short and long term

Troubleshooting – because branding is a long-term process In most cases, there is no strategy that will 100% meet expectations, meaning brand builders need to be prepared to solve immediate problems, such as employees who speak badly to their customers. The product is defective Some of the processes go wrong.

Continuous improvement – Another essential marketing item. Because even if we do market surveys and do a lot of customer surveys, In the end, we have to rely on feedback from real customers to judge anyway. Keep considering whether it is what we are doing that looks good or that it looks bad in the eyes of customers. And bring this response to light to develop continuously

Although this step is a very short one. But staff management factors Correction of mistakes immediately And taking care of customer expectations It is all that we have to pay attention to the details.

In this section, each organization and customer group Will behave differently Brand builders must keep an eye on the strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, about branding strategies.

Lastly, I would like to say that actually building a brand is not impossible or impossible. Really, any organization can create a brand as well. It’s just that it may take a lot of time to be different. It depends on the marketer’s skills, investment capital, and the number of competitors in the market.

The downside, however, is that you won’t be able to build a brand that customers remember tomorrow. But if you have tried Able to endure doing the same things Pay attention to the opinions and views of customers and communicate the same message over and over to the customers for a long time. Any company can build a brand.

How many percent of sales should you make a profit from the sale?


If you are a profitable person thinking about the percentage profit from the sale of things. I must say that you are on the right track. Because numerical analysis is the starting point for doing business with sustainability. However, figuring out a percentage profit from the sale of money is not an easy and dead answer to the example everyone thinks.

In this article, we will look at what it takes to figure out how to profit from sales. And an example of profit from sales in each industry or in each type of company?

For a retail business, the average gross profit that should be targeting is about 50% on average, such as costing 100 and setting a selling price of 150. However, this figure is highly dependent on a number of business factors. Such as the type of product, the number of competitors, or even the strategy of the company.

One thing I want everyone to understand is that theories and numbers are essential for any business. But businesses don’t have any more rigid rules. In short, we need to look at factors such as competitors, location, and product types. Let me explain further.

But before we get into the discussion on how to calculate the profit percentage take a look at the website australianonlinecasinosites. Let me give you a little space to describe the word ‘profit’ first.

Understand the profit first.

Income minus expenses is equal to profit, this is a fixed formula that everyone must know. Although most businesses have only sales income. But the part that businesses have to worry about is the cost. This initially includes expenses, and product costs but for someone who has been in business for a long time, it includes wages, rents, marketing fees, and even taxes.

Gross Margin – This is the profit received from the revenue minus the cost of the product.

Operating Profit Margin – This is the profit gained by calculating the income minus the cost of the product. And the costs used in sales such as Marketing expenses and business administration expenses Which, of course, will include employee wages.

Net Margin – This is the maximum profit you collect after deducting all expenses, including taxes. Big businesses that say a lot of profit or loss will look at this part of the number. Of course, if there is a lot of net profit, we have to pay a lot of taxes as well.

Most businesses like LeRoi Johnny should have a positive gross profit (no loss), but there may be long-term investments such as leasing that add decorations, investment methods, and building new product lines. This may result in a loss in the beginning, but it will give you a long-term business advantage.

We have described a lot of profit. What I want everyone to understand is that the profit that most sellers say is the Initial profit That may be deducted from only the cost of the product However, in the world of online selling. Calculation of the initial profit that people talk about may also take into account the cost of advertising (ie sales less cost minus the add-on fee).

In conclusion, if asked most sellers, how much profit would be good? In this section, I will talk more about gross profit. But if asking large business owners how much profit is going to be good This section talks about operating profit. But if you ask an accountant how much net profit is going to be good the answer is that less is more so you won’t have to pay taxes, haha.

Factors affecting sales profit

What I want everyone to consider first is the basic profit. Because if we can’t break the problem right here Continuing to do business may not be worth much.

The overall picture of selling profitability is as long as the customer is willing to pay at a high price, We do not need to set it cheaply in order to keep the profit down. All of these factors depend on the difficulty of selling each product. And it also depends on the competitors.

For example, the business of selling pearl milk tea. That might cost more than ten dollars per glass but the stores in the department can still sell at a price of hundreds of dollars per glass. Likewise, the business of selling creams and supplements produces a profit multiple times the cost of the product. However, businesses that can make a lot of profit will have a lot of competitors.

In this section, although not directly competitive. But there must be a lot of investment in marketing to stay competitive. The conclusion is that the initial profit is a lot, but the operating profit is not much.

From my experience Trading businesses have a profit range ranging from double (100% of the cost) to just 10-20% of the cost

Summary of factors affecting gross profitability

New Company and Old Company – In case of selling the same item. Companies that are new to the market and are hitting the market tend to set lower prices, however, unless new companies have a cheaper way of working. Finally, with the mechanism of the economy and doing business Most companies have to adjust their prices to be the same.

Product type – As everyone can see, each product has different profits. As long as the customer continues to pay (Or the brand owner has not ordered the price control) we can sell at any price The problem is, in the online world, people have easy access to information and other products. Making setting too expensive is a bad thing Overall, luxury products tend to be more profitable.

Sales Amount – The simplest example would be a manufacturing plant. Wholesale and Retail Business Overall, a business that sells a lot of things will not be able to set a price for expensive products.

Strategies – Companies have the same strategy. This will affect the pricing and profit. For example, a company with a lot of services might set a higher price, making it more profitable. Or a company that markets more might make it possible to set more prices as well.

If you run a retail business The easiest way is to first explore the market. I mean calling to ask for preliminary prices from factories or distributors. Then call to inquire about the price that current competitors use to sell… or if possible, ask for the price that customers normally buy from. If you can do this, then you don’t need to sit and compare prices with others on the internet.

I understand that many people read this article because they want to calculate the basic profit to set the price. In fact, we can calculate it as a basis for decision But overall, we have to ask our customers and compare with our competitors that our price is reasonable or not.

Five Of The Best Foods For Brain Health


It can feel overwhelming to think about all the little things you ought to be doing for your health – diet, exercise, meditation, sleep… Rest assured, most people are not perfect and don’t get it right all the time.

Our brains, however, are definitely too important to ignore, and there are some foods that can improve brain health and help to ward off certain conditions. Besides this, research has proven that it is equally important to get enough food, so bear this in mind before trying a restrictive diet.

As a starting point, we have jotted down a few foods with the best nutrients to preserve your grey matter.

Oily Fish

Oily fish doesn’t mean fish fried in oil; it refers to fish containing a good supply of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for brain health. This type of fat is unsaturated, which is the kind you want in your diet. Research has tentatively suggested a connection between diets with adequate omega-3 intake and lower levels of beta-amyloid, which is what interferes with brain function in Alzheimer’s. High omega-3 levels can also improve blood flow to your brain, which is just what it needs to function optimally.


People who love strawberries and cream – don’t despair, because half of that dish is excellent brain food. Strawberries and blueberries, for example, contain flavonoids, which are also found in apples, spinach, broccoli, and legumes (among others). Research has linked diets high in flavonoids to improved memory function, showing that two or more servings of berries each week had beneficial effects. Not only this, but flavonoids may cut down on free radicals (defective atoms that cause illness and aging) and also fight beta-amyloid deposits.


Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, just like certain fish, and hold all the same benefits. Also found in walnuts are polyphenolic compounds: micronutrients that can fight free radicals and reduce inflammation. Research has shown that taking in polyphenols can improve memory function. Many other fruits and vegetables are also sources of polyphenolic compounds.


Many people can’t get through the day with a hefty dose of caffeine, especially if they want to get through work and play at ZAR Casino afterward. The good news is that you do actually reap benefits apart from the ability to stay awake and alert – caffeine seems to boost the brain’s ability to process information and function smoothly. Not only that, but research suggests that drinking coffee regularly may lessen the probability of suffering a stroke or developing conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


Green vegetables aren’t the most popular, but there’s no doubt that they’re full of health benefits. Not only are they full of vitamins and flavonoids, but they contain glucosinolates, a compound needed to produce isothiocyanates – a chemical that can reduce the risk of developing the neurodegenerative illness.

Enjoy A Varied Buffet

Research has identified many specific nutrients as necessary for brain health, but in reality, it can be difficult to incorporate these into your daily diet. The takeaway: strive for variety in what you eat and make sure you have at least a few of these foods as often as possible.

Remind Yourself to Be Patient When Looking for Used Cars


If you decide to buy a used car, it won’t be an easy process. You might have to spend time until you can find the right option. Therefore, it’s important to remind yourself to stay patient. It can be a long process, and you have to carry on until the end.

There are many dealers

Even in your area alone, you will find several dealers. Many of them can offer quality options. If you check the choices online, it can even be more overwhelming. Comparing all these dealerships can take time. You must-have criteria to determine which of them will be on your shortlist. You can consider a used car in Utah if you want quality options at an affordable price.

You might need a car loan

When you decided to purchase a used car, you thought about getting a cheap vehicle. The truth is that some used cars might be pricey. If you’re looking at a new model that was on the road for only a few months, you can expect a high price. Therefore, you need to prepare for a car loan application. Different banks and lending firms are willing to help out. The problem is that applying for a car loan could take time. You might even end up getting rejected. The best thing to do is to prepare before you apply. Check the requirements first. It would also help to have an excellent credit rating. The lending firm might say no if your credit score is terrible. Find a way to increase the score first before you apply. You should also understand the requirements and make sure that everything is complete. Sometimes, a simple technical issue could lead to the denial of your request.

You have to negotiate

The good thing about buying used cars is that you can ask for a lower price. Most dealerships are willing to negotiate. However, it’s not an easy process. Some dealers won’t budge. They will keep on denying your request since they want to maximize the potential profit. The negotiation process alone can take a while. Prepare yourself to negotiate until you get the right deal.

Some beautiful looking cars might not be the right one

If you don’t know a lot about cars, it’s easy to feel convinced when you see the exterior. However, when you start driving the vehicle, you might realize that there are plenty of issues. It can also be the other way around. Some cars have excellent features, but the exterior looks terrible. It will take a while before you find the perfect balance. It’s another reason to be patient and to keep searching.

The good thing is that during this pandemic, you have more time to compare the different choices. You can also consult with different dealers to check what they can offer. Try to be patient because you’re making a significant investment. You don’t want to waste your money on a car that you can’t drive for a long time.

Technologies That We Take For Granted


Technology is something that we have gradually begun to get used to. As much as it has been around for quite some time now, there are some things that we simply can’t get used to. At the same time, there are some things that we are so used to that we simply take them for granted and we only realize that we need them when they are no longer there. These are a few of the technologies that we take for granted.


Let’s be honest, electricity is one of the things that many of us take for granted. We simply think we deserve it and we have the right to have it. But have you ever thought for a few minutes what would happen if what we saw in the movies came true? We mean if we had power for several hours of the day. How much that would affect you as well as what you do. Thinking about that will help you to appreciate electricity.

Watches and Clocks

Time is one of the things that many people have a hard time managing. But despite this fact, we still have watches and clocks to help do that which we can. Imagine going through a day with a watch or a clock to help guide you? Imagine just how much of a disaster it would be.

Credit Cards

Other technologies that we use on an everyday basis that we even forget about it are credit and debit cards. We use it for online shopping as well as playing online casino games at the best online casino site amongst other things as well. Imagine what life would be like if we had to go back to a world where we dint have any credit and debit cards? That sounds like a worldwide disaster don’t you think so?

The Internet

We use it every single day to play online slots, work, read the news and we are so used to having it there. But is also one of the technologies that so many of us take for granted. That is why we thought we would mention it as well.


COVID 19 Travelling Restrictions Travelers Must Observe


 Traveling in this COVID era has just gotten a lot hectic. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you create the perfect mood by playing online pokies in Australia in the middle of all that chaos.  There are a lot of rules that are being implemented worldwide to stop the spread of this virus. Therefore, here are some of the common rules that you can find in almost any part of the world.

Negative COVID Results

While some airports and borders have taken it to themselves to the testing on their own, others will only need to see the proof that you are negative. The test should have been done 7 or fewer days before your time of travel. Failure to produce this document will mean that you will be barred from passing through.

A Temperature Check

A temperature spike is one of the major symptoms of the virus. Therefore, you will have to get a temperature check at the borders of any country. This will be a regular aspect that you need to get used to while traveling. This is because it is regularly done everywhere even in restaurants, tourist sites, shops, and many more.


Everything including slot machines at Casinos & Hotels is sanitized. While some areas only require you to sanitize your hands, others will have to spray your whole body, including your feet. That way, even if you had carried the virus from somewhere else unknowingly, you are not at many risks. Sanitization can come in the form of liquids or spray, if you are allergic, then you might want to carry your own

Mask Up

This is the motto that is being used everywhere. Therefore, do not be left behind, make sure that you wear your mask always. That way, you prevent yourself from catching the virus. They can be uncomfortable first, but you will get used to it and this might help save your life. If you had forgotten your mask, there are plenty of things that you can use as alternatives. All you need to do is make sure your mouth and nose are covered.