9 Reasons to Buy a Ute

If you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, a ute could be the way to go. Traditionally known as a work vehicle for men, utes are fast becoming popular with women and families thanks to their versatility and luxury options.

Whether you need a powerful workhorse, a capable family vehicle, or something that’s up for any adventure, utes are a great choice.

Here are 9 reasons why.

1. Utility

It’s in the name – utes are renowned for their utility. They get things done and they tackle difficult conditions like no other cars. Built for offroad conditions and tough worksites, 4×4 utes are particularly capable and reliable. They feature wide wheelbases, wide turn circles, and high ground clearance.

2. Versatility

Utes are ideal for families and tradesmen alike. In fact, utes don’t have to be relegated to a work vehicle only. They can transition easily from one thing to the next and shine in a range of settings, including tough worksites, weekend adventures with the family, and get-togethers with friends.

Dual cab utes are particularly appealing if you need your vehicle to transition from a workhorse to a people mover. If you’re regularly going to have more than one other person in the car, consider a four-door option with lots of room in the back row.

If you’re carrying smelly dogs or dirty work equipment in the ute tray, look for a vehicle that can be easily cleaned out with a hose. An electric roller cover is a useful addition, especially if it integrates with your central locking system.

3. Storage and space

Whether you’re transporting work gear, camping gear, or furniture for your mate’s new house, utes are designed for easy and efficient transport. In fact, they’re often far more capable than sedans and hatchbacks when it comes to carrying awkward loads. Add on an impressive towing capacity and you’ve got a reliable vehicle that’s up for all sorts of challenges.

4. Towing capabilities

Most utes have decent towing specs and can be used to tow trailers, caravans, boats, and more. Before you buy, check the towing specs to see if you’ll be covered for anything you need to tow for work or play. If you’re planning on towing really heavy loads, go for a heavy-duty ute that’s designed especially for the purpose.

5. Luxury options

Utes have come a long way from functional-only cars. Nowadays, buying a ute doesn’t mean you need to skimp on luxury and style. Many modern utes check both the functional box and the aesthetics box, making them appealing for everyday use as well as special occasions.

Utes like the Mazda BT 50 are particularly elegant with features like leather seats, advanced smart tech, and 18” alloy wheels to choose from. Other luxurious features to look out for include heated front seats, top-grade sound systems, and dual-zone climate control.

6. Fuel efficiency

Modern utes can be highly efficient to own and run, contrary to popular belief. Diesel engines tend to be more efficient, having a longer range and lower running costs even when carrying a load. Many modern automatic vehicles feature calibration technology to keep fuel consumption low without compromising on performance and power.

7. Variety

Whatever your lifestyle and personal preferences are, there’s a ute that will suit you. Utes come in every shape, size and with a variety of specs, from simple 2×4 single cab utes to fully equipped dual-cab 4×4 utes and a suite of customization options to choose from. This means you can choose a car that’s right for you and however you live your life.

8. Safety

Safety is an important factor when looking for a ute, considering it needs to handle tough conditions and heavy loads. These days, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than a 5-Star ANCAP safety rating.

Most modern utes have great safety ratings and feature advanced safety technologies such as smart braking, blind-spot detection, and lane departure warning. The Mazda BT 50 takes it a step further with Trailer Sway Control, Active Cruise Control, and Hill Descent Assist.

9.Lifetime value

Utes tend to hold their value over time better than cars. If you plan on selling your vehicle later on or upgrading as your family grows, choosing a ute could be a smart investment. Be sure to keep your ute well looked after with regular servicing to maintain its value for longer.

Choosing a ute that’s right for you

There are many good reasons to choose a ute for your next vehicle including excellent performance, high versatility, and great lifetime value. However, not all utes are equal and it’s important to do your research before committing to a particular model. Make sure it has the capability to perform at work and in your family life or however you want to use it. Don’t forget to also take it for a test spin before you buy.