Why retirees should get closer to nature?

New research suggests that living closer to nature is better for your health, and might even extend life expectancy. The Environmental Health Perspectives journal recently published a study that found that individuals living in green areas have a lower mortality rate. People living within 800 feet of green space have a 12% lower mortality rate from non-accidental causes, compared to those living in the city and away from green places.

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Nature’s benefits

Statistical analysis showed that the participants’ social engagement, level of physical activity, mental health and exposure to air pollution are likely explanations as to why living close to nature makes a difference. This corresponds with research conducted through the years that demonstrates that greenery can affect health. More vegetation results in less pollution and keeps the air clean.

In addition, you will find that in green spaces, such as parks or Gloucester park homes, which are close to nature, retirees are motivated to get outside, engage with other people and get exercise. These combining factors have positive effects on mental health and are beneficial in addressing numerous diseases that the elderly are often affected by.

Research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that mental health and mortality are directly linked to exposure to greener environments.

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The research found that contact with nature is restorative and soothing, and this is directly linked to improved mental health and overall happiness, resulting in a better quality of life. As seen in environments such as http://www.parkhomelife.com/, the social engagement of living in a community of like-minded people has a positive effect on people’s mindsets.

A community of retirees

Living in an environment with a strong community spirit, where all residents are over 50, ensures that nobody feels isolated. Gloucester park homes are virtually maintenance-free, as they are manufactured from insulated timber frames with uPVC exteriors. Plenty of greenery surrounding these homes stimulates residents to spend more time outdoors.

Retirees that have lived in a city all their lives find the relaxing environment of living close to nature beneficial to overall health. Anyone close to retirement would do well to consider getting out of the hustle and bustle of city life, with its polluted areas, honking car horns and thousands of people who are not at the same life stage. Nature is an investment in life.