Top 10 essentials for the perfect campervan trip

Planning a weekend trip in your campervan needn’t be complicated; in fact, if you equip your van with these ten top essentials, all you will need to do before you go away is pack some food and your clothes.

A kettle

Stopping for a cup of tea or coffee whenever you fancy one is one of the delights of a campervan trip. Your kettle only needs to be small, but a whistling kettle is worthwhile because it adds to the feeling of freedom and you will know the minute it boils, so it won’t waste any gas.

Glasses, crockery, cutlery, and pans

Lightweight melamine tableware is fine, but many adventurers prefer proper plates, mugs, and bowls. Just take enough for the number of people in your party. Wrap glasses in tea towels if you are worried about breaking them, or you could opt for plastic ones. You can cook plenty of nutritious meals such as stir-fries or pasta dishes on two gas rings, so you really only need a saucepan and a wok if space is at a premium.

Long handled broom

You cannot avoid treading dirt or sand into your van at times and a broom makes it very easy to sweep it out whenever necessary.

Wine rack

OK, maybe you won’t need a wine rack if you are just going away for a weekend, but one of those wine carriers you get from supermarkets will keep your bottles safe and stop them from rattling around in the campervan.

First aid kit

Not very exciting, but necessary. It is a good idea to include treatments for bites and stings as well as the usual dressings. Hopefully, you will not use it.

Breakdown cover

Breaking down in a campervan is more complicated than breaking down in a car. Ensure your breakdown company knows the details and size of your campervan so that if the worst happens and you have to be taken home on a truck they can send a suitable vehicle to transport you.

Duct tape

Something else you may not need, but very useful for temporary pipework and bodywork repairs. If it was good enough for Apollo 17’s lunar rover, it should be good enough for your campervan.

Folding table and chairs for outside

There is nothing quite like sitting outside your campervan on a warm evening enjoying the sounds of the country or seaside. Make sure you also take a citronella candle and some insect repellent as bites and stings can ruin your trip.


Even if the last thing you would think of doing at home is to get out the Scrabble, the Monopoly or a pack of cards, when you do not have access to the television or the internet, you may well re-discover the joys of playing games with your partner or the family.


Pretty tea light holders will add a romantic touch to your lighting arrangements. Go for the deeper glass type to help to prevent the candles being blown out by the wind, especially if you are dining outside.

During your trip, you may identify other items to take with you next time. Keep a notebook and pen handy to list anything you think of. Enjoy your trip and may it be the first of many.