COVID 19 Travelling Restrictions Travelers Must Observe

 Traveling in this COVID era has just gotten a lot hectic. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you create the perfect mood by playing online pokies in Australia in the middle of all that chaos.  There are a lot of rules that are being implemented worldwide to stop the spread of this virus. Therefore, here are some of the common rules that you can find in almost any part of the world.

Negative COVID Results

While some airports and borders have taken it to themselves to the testing on their own, others will only need to see the proof that you are negative. The test should have been done 7 or fewer days before your time of travel. Failure to produce this document will mean that you will be barred from passing through.

A Temperature Check

A temperature spike is one of the major symptoms of the virus. Therefore, you will have to get a temperature check at the borders of any country. This will be a regular aspect that you need to get used to while traveling. This is because it is regularly done everywhere even in restaurants, tourist sites, shops, and many more.


Everything including slot machines at Casinos & Hotels is sanitized. While some areas only require you to sanitize your hands, others will have to spray your whole body, including your feet. That way, even if you had carried the virus from somewhere else unknowingly, you are not at many risks. Sanitization can come in the form of liquids or spray, if you are allergic, then you might want to carry your own

Mask Up

This is the motto that is being used everywhere. Therefore, do not be left behind, make sure that you wear your mask always. That way, you prevent yourself from catching the virus. They can be uncomfortable first, but you will get used to it and this might help save your life. If you had forgotten your mask, there are plenty of things that you can use as alternatives. All you need to do is make sure your mouth and nose are covered.