How to travel on a budget in your 20s

As a young adult, you have the curiosity and time to travel and explore the world, but what about the budget? There is this assumption that traveling is super expensive and you could only afford one annual trip, we are here to prove that wrong. Traveling on a budget is arguably more fun than a high-expense trip, and if you do it right, you will have many stories to tell from this experience. In this article, we will go through the most important factors when it comes to traveling on a budget and give you some suggestions on how to do it best. Read along and check out this travel blog for inspiration on your next European destination.

Cheap flights

Transport is usually the most expensive aspect when it comes to traveling. Flights always increase their prices, and if you don’t know how to search for cheap flights, you might pay a ton of money for a 2h flight. Besides the google flight finder that you can find just by typing the departure city and your destination, there are many websites that will help you in finding a good price for flights. You can check out Kiwi or Skyscanner, where you can select a whole month and they will show you the cheapest day to fly. Also, instead of selecting a specific destination, go to a country and see which city is the cheapest to fly to. Flexibility is the most important thing when it comes to budget traveling.

Packing – must-have items

Now that you have your flight, you can get packing. The worst things that could happen when you travel on a budget are unseen expenses. Such expenses are paying extra for slightly bigger luggage or not having everything you need when you get to your destination. To avoid this, you have to make sure that you pack light and only take the essentials. Something that you don’t want to leave at home is a soft and warm wool cardigan. This piece will save you from any cold weather that you didn’t see coming, and you don’t even have to pack it. Just throw it on when you go to the airport, don’t forget to take comfy clothes and a dressy outfit and you are ready to explore.


You are now at your destination, with your backpack and all the curiosity for this new place. You have to get settled in first, and the best option for you is a hostel. Not only is it the cheapest option you’ll find, but it is also the best place to meet other travelers and a lot of fascinating people. Hostels are known for their welcoming vibes and the way they bring people together. There are themed hostels and party hostels if you want to find a specific type of people, but even the simplest and cheapest one will have a common room where everyone can hang out. This will make sure you get an international friend base.