classic campervan road trips you could take

If you are trying to work out what type of holiday to book this year but are restricted by a tight budget, have you thought about taking a road trip?

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You could go down the classic route of hiring a car and driving yourself to all the usual attractions and hotspots, or you could do something a little more fun and unique and enjoy a road trip in a classic campervan. It is easy to find VW Campers in the UK.

Campervanning with children

Going on a road trip in a campervan is especially great if you have children. They see campervans as fun playhouses on wheels, and what child doesn’t love climbing into a bunk bed up a small ladder? Your child will spend their days playing outside in the fresh air, which means you can expect them to sleep well at night.

Road trip for one or two?

Whether you would rather go on a romantic trip for two or go on holiday alone, a campervan is perfect. According to the Guardian a campervan is the ideal way to enjoy a solo holiday, while many couples will enjoy getting away for a while with nothing but the open roads for the company.

Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond, and Jenson Button – Celeb VW camper enthusiasts – can tell you how much fun it is to go on holiday in a campervan, whether you have five kids in tow or you are traveling solo.

Route planning vs. free exploring

According to the Telegraph, campervanning is the cool way to holiday in Britain in 2015, with luxurious camping facilities seeing a surge in bookings.

It is a good idea to plan a rough route before you head off to ensure you get to see everything you want to see. Long journeys are not much fun for anyone, so break up the driving by stopping to see and do different things along the way. Also, think about where you have been storing your camper van overnight and any potential damage it may off occurred. To stop it getting scratched or stolen you could keep it in your garage as long as you have had that Garage Door Repair you have been needing.  You could just pop over to sites like to get this sorted for you.   If you plan to go on a road trip during the busy summer months, you may also need to reserve your spot at a campsite overnight rather than just turning up. Take into account when you are traveling to work out how much forward planning you need to do.

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