Five amazing ideas for corporate entertainment

The words ‘corporate event’ often result in sighs from staff members, with many wondering what family emergency they can invent. It shouldn’t be like this – why can’t corporate events be fun? If you find the right entertainment, they can be and one way to ensure that they are is to use a professional Events Agency Dublin way such as to plan your event for you.

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Many businesses forget vital things when planning a corporate event. Staff is vital to the success of any company, so show them you value them by providing some great entertainment. Here are some amazing ideas for corporate entertainment.

Living topiary

Add some fun to your event by incorporating hedge-shaped humans. Yes, you read that right! People walk around dressed as hedges, hugging guests and generally bringing a smile to your guests’ faces. It might sound weird, but people seem to enjoy the experience!

Event walls

Event walls add a touch of class to your gathering and can promote your business or sponsors. Your guests will have a great time by taking Hollywood-style selfies. You can make the most of these by having your social media handles placed around the area and ask your guests to share images of themselves at the event on their own profiles and business pages. This is always fun and adds some advertising and exposure for your business as well.

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Silhouette artist

There are loads of acts that will communicate with and entertain your guests, but silhouette artists add a unique twist to any event. An artist will cut a guest’s silhouette out of paper and stick it onto a card. They can take their personalized silhouette home as a memento. Magicians are also a good idea if you want your guests to be amazed.

Edible mist orbs

Food is central to any successful event, but the usual dishes can get boring. Mist orbs come in different flavors including mint, chocolate, and cheesecake. Guests have to put a straw into the orb and taste the flavour. This can also make a great guessing game. You can request bespoke flavors if you want to add some unique aspects to the orbs, so get your imagination fired up.


Alula is a unique circus act that will spellbind guests. It involves acrobatics with multiple rings and is beautiful to watch. The performer climbs around and inside giant hoops, performing stunts and amazing displays of acrobatics. Your guest certainly won’t get bored.


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