Wearable Tech with The Potential To Change Everything

Wearable technology is certainly an interesting idea. Why have a phone in your pocket, which requires you take it out endlessly, when you could have a watch that offers the same functionality? It takes convenience to the next level, and shows us a world that is not dominated by a smartphone.

Here are some of the wearable technology items that offer a world without a smartphone, and some that even aim for something beyond. Best of all, they are all available right now, and are far more affordable than you might imagine.

MUSE: Brain Sensing Technology

You might be a little shocked that such a device is available to the public, but it is. Though, don’t get carried away in assuming what it is. The MUSE system tracks your brain activity and gives real-time feedback. This is exceptionally useful for those that participate in mediation, allowing you to know exactly how well you are doing. Better yet, use the MUSE sensor with other meditation assistants, to get a better idea of the overall benefits.

Jiobit Tracker

This is what many parents have been praying for. A small, clip on-chip that can be attached to clothing. Plus, at a size that easily fits into the palm of your hand, it is by far the smallest of its kind.

The Jiobit links into GPS and WiFi technology, providing constant, accurate tracking information. This allows you to know where your children are at all times, or anyone else who you would like to keep tabs on. It comes with a free smartphone app, of course, meaning that you need never be left wondering about your children, or other vulnerable loved ones, again.


There are a variety of smartwatches available these days, offering everything from hands-free texting and voice calls, and some that even allow you to play bingo in Canada right on the touchscreen. The benefits of these really don’t need much explanation.

Though, depending on the model you buy, there is a vast range of additional benefits that go well beyond the watch being a simple smartphone replacement. There are watches that track your heart, count your calories and even those that can check your blood pressure. There is an astonishingly vast range of devices these days, and most are easily affordable to the average person.

Bose Soundwear Wearable Speaker

These clever speakers fit over your shoulders and act as two-way input and output for sound. They provide excellent music quality, of course, meaning that you never have to worry about fiddling with a car radio again. Combine this with the fact that they also accept voice, and integrate with your phone, and you start getting the idea. Use it with a virtual assistant and you’ve found the perfect device for turning your car into a mobile, hands-free office.

AKASO Brave 4K Action Camera

A super high quality, wearable camera is exactly what you need if you live an active outdoor life and want to capture the action as it happens. Best of all, it uses WiFi tech to stream to your smartphone, meaning that the stream can be watched live if you so choose.

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