Making Your Home Automated And Smart

As technology evolves, there is a focus on turning your home into something smarter. Or to be more precise; a smart home. What does this mean? It means that controlling every aspect of your home, from a singular hub, is now possible. The implications are incredible, and the more devices that are released aimed at this goal, the more it feels like we’re moving into a digital world with a science fiction future like never before.

Take a look at these smart devices, available right now, that aim to create a smarter home.

Amazon Echo

Smart homes need a point of access, and this is a handy device that fills the role. Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled hub unit, which can be interacted with via verbal requests. Simply speak to it, explain what it is you’re trying to achieve, and the intelligent program takes care of the rest. It will take control of integrated accounts, directly access the internet, and much more, becoming an indispensable part of your life in no time at all. Tell it you want to play blackjack games online, for example, and you’ll be chasing 21 in no time at all.

Brilliant Control

This is another hub unit but interacts directly with linked devices if you’d prefer not to have to talk to an Amazon Echo. Though, just so we’re clear, it can use voice controls as well, if you’d prefer. So, it can work in conjunction with Amazon Echo, or alternatively, it also uses WiFi to link various devices, making them accessible via a 5-inch touch screen.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

A doorbell and video camera combination that works exactly as you’d expect. It adds a massive boost to home security, is easy to install, and streams directly to your smartphone or laptop all year round. A 1080p resolution is the standard capture quality, it functions in the day or night lighting, and yes, of course, it works with Amazon Echo. Truly a fast and efficient way to take security into your own hands, and avoid having to drill a hole in your door for a peephole.

Arlo Ultra

Keeping in line with home security, we have the Arlo Ultra. This is a top of the range security camera that has a movie-like quality resolution, and although more than a touch pricey, it comes packed with some of the coolest technology you’ll find in a security device. It streams at 4K, uses auto-tracking and zooming features, has a built-in alarm and spotlight, and will even phone the police on your behalf.

Wyze Cam Pan

If you like the above idea but would prefer something that costs less than a fifth of the price, you’ll want the Wyze Cam Pan. It won’t call the police, and doesn’t have a spotlight, but does much of the same, and also integrates into your smart home system. Set it up, test out the motion trackers, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy, affordable, and certainly does what it sets out to do. We probably don’t have to mention it works with Amazon Echo at this point, because you’ve likely already guessed that it does.