The supreme elegance of the Gazelle

There are many things in nature that influence our man-made creations. Everything from animals, plants and even the planets influence our design choices, colors, and aesthetic preferences. I have always been drawn to elegance and grace and how this is replicated in our cultural entertainment choices, our music and even shown in our design and decoration choices.

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Animals like Gazelles have a beautiful quality and appear to glide across the ground whilst they run and leap almost effortlessly.

Their beauty and grace are recreated on the stage with prima ballerinas and principle boys portraying equal grace and poise whilst performing. Similarly to the Gazelles, the dancers derive their power from their cores and leg muscles.

In our man-made crafts, the same elegance can be seen in Bronze Animal Sculpture. Bronze makes a fantastic medium for the artistic representation of animals and sculpture makes a striking addition to the home.

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Whilst they are one of the most graceful and beautiful animals in Africa they also provide a ready source of food for Lions and other predators if they can actually catch them. The top speed of a Gazelle is 50 miles per hour and the top speed of a lion, when it can be bothered is the same. The advantage that the Gazelle has is that it can change course in a split second. The leg muscles as mentioned above, enable it to run in all directions. However, if it separates from the herd it has immediate problems. The safety of the herd is where the Gazelle can protect themselves as no Lion or predator would dare approach the group for fear of being trampled.  The Lion cannot make that turn but a cheetah can. The Cheetah is faster than the Gazelle and has the ability to match it. Nevertheless, its generally the weak and old or very young that are picked off by the predators.

Their horns are long and deadly sharp though this is not to be used against predators. They are used more to claim dominance over other Gazelles and ascertain which is the head of the herd. This is important as it drives the Gazelles to where they need to be. This is also where the predators will look to attack. As the Gazelles approach the watering holes they are subject to attacks or maneuvers that try spilled away from the weak and old as we mentioned before. They will not be with the herd by the end of it.

The Gazelle is as every part of the fabric of the African plains and long may they do so.