Here’s how a bad website can damage your business

Are you making any of these common mistakes?

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1. Poor organisation and navigation

Your site should be well organised so that information is clear, relevant and easy to find. The menus should be clearly marked, with navigation around the site simple to use and not leading off to dead ends, irrelevant pages, error messages or broken links.

2. Poor design

Your website should be beautiful, creating an impact from the moment a visitor lands on your first page. Content should be clear and concise with relevant imagery in high resolution. According to Forbes, a well-designed website is more important than the content. Even if the site has all the information the visitor is looking for, they may leave if the design is poor, badly organised and not pleasing to the eye.

3. Not having a clearly available search tool

Your website will be full of information and some visitors may need to know something very specific and the search tool is the perfect way to find it. If your visitors cannot find the information they need in the first 60 seconds, they will leave.

4. Background music

Musical tastes are very personal and having any kind of music on your site when a visitor lands can instantly turn them off. At the very least there should be an option to turn off the music, placed prominently where the visitor can quickly access it.

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5. No contact details

This should be an obvious one. If your customers don’t know how to get in touch, how can you hope to get sales? Make sure your site has your full address, contact number and email address clearly displayed. Having a simple contact form for visitors to fill in is also a good idea.

If you are struggling to make your website look good whilst maintaining ease of use, A professional Branding Agency Cheltenham company like Really Helpful Marketing can help with your logo, image and photography for your site from scratch, helping you to avoid any of the common mistakes that could turn business away and increase your sales potential.

Making any of these mistakes can be extremely costly and lead to reduced sales, lack of customer retention and send your potential customers running to your competitors. It can also damage your reputation which can be hard to recover from.

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