Reasons Why Soccer is the Most Loved Sport on the Globe

Have you ever wondered why the world is crazy about soccer? All around the world, if the debates are not about politics, then they are more likely to be about soccer.  Also, to prove its popularity there are a lot of real money casinos slots that are based on soccer.

Therefore, this article is going to be answering some of these questions for you. Here are our own reasons why the world loves soccer.

It Does Not Need Much Equipment

The best part about soccer is that you can easily set up for a game anywhere. Therefore, this makes it the cheapest sport you can get to play. Sometimes, the shooters are not even important, you can easily play the sport without any shoes if you have strong toes.

Additionally, you can make your own makeshift ball to play with. This means you do not have to worry about having to buy a soccer ball.

It is Easy to Grasp

Once you know the different positions and their role in the game, everything else gets easier. The rules are not complex and the techniques are not hard to grasp as well. On the other hand, some sports come with a lot of complications.

For example, in soccer, a goal is equal to one point despite where it has been scored from.  But, for other sports like American Football and basketball the score depends on the point you scored the goal or how you scored the ball respectively.

It Has Been There for A While

Soccer is one of the oldest sports that you can find in the sporting industry.  According to a blog by sports betting NZ, the sport can be dated back to 200 B.C in the UK. However, it has since evolved from the old version.  While most sports started having tournaments in the 20th Century, soccer came into existence back in the 19th century. The first soccer tournament was the FA Cup in 1871.