Retail businesses may need all these signage types

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. The first part of attracting customers is letting them know about your business – where it is and what it does. Making sure you get noticed relies on your signage.

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External signage

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Usually, the first element of your signage that potential customers will see, external signage is often the most important element of your outside messaging because it encourages people to your door and determines their first impression of your business. This signage must let people know where you are and why they should take note. It covers not only doors and windows but also signs on perimeters and pavements. Place this signage so that it is visible to the largest audience.

Signage for information

As a rule of thumb, share more information and more detail the closer people get to your product. Start big and simple with just your business name for your external signage. Add some more detail on the door, such as your opening hours or some information about what you do. Once inside, include more information, including product-specific information. Informational signage could also be directional or departmental; for example, think of the hanging signs above the aisles in supermarkets. The aim is to make things as easy as possible for customers.

Persuasive signs

The detail comes in at the persuasion stage, which is where you make the sale. Persuasive signage might use words, imagery or a combination of the two with the aim of influencing behavior towards the sale. It might highlight a new product, an offer, or some product benefit. Make sure there is a clear call to action and a perceived benefit to the consumer. Persuasive signs should be eye-catching and inspire consumers to want more. They must also integrate with the rest of your marketing and be consistent with your branding and corporate visual identity.

The Small Business Chronicle has more information on why retail signage is so important for your business.

Display your retail signage from Mood Media or a similar specialist agency and see your sales improve as customers receive all the information they need to make their buying decision.

The right signage will drive footfall to your store; however, beware overdoing the signage, as too many messages and too much information can be confusing.