3 Famous Male Child Stars From The Millennium: Where Are They Now?

The early 2000s saw the likes of many films and TV shows that shot the actors and actresses who starred in them to fame at a young age. While many of them continued acting throughout their teens and continued to work in the spotlight as adults, others gave up acting altogether, pursuing different interests.

Here are some of the most famous child stars from the 2000s and what they’re up to now.

  1. Cole Sprouse

Born in 1992, Cole Sprouse booked his first major acting role at only six months old. Often sharing roles with his twin brother while they were very young, Cole and Dylan Sprouse starred in Grace Under Fire between 1993 and 1998.

Cole went on to be cast in other major titles including Big Daddy and The Astronaut’s Wife between 1999 and 2000, and eventually landed the role of Ben in the iconic Friends as Ross Gelhar’s son. In 2005, the Sprouse twins were cast as the leads in Disney’s incredibly successful kids’ series, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody which lasted six years.

After taking a few years’ hiatus to focus on his studies at NYU where he graduated with honors, Cole started was cast as Jughead in the hit series Riverdale – they’re now six years and six seasons in.

Boasting a busy and successful career as a child actor, Cole Sprouse is showing no signs of slowing down.

  1. Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Shooting to fame in 2003, Thomas Brodie-Sangster was born in London in 1990 and is one of the most recognizable child stars from this era. Acting alongside the likes of Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Emma Roberts in his early years, Thomas has a highly successful career as a young man. He starred in hits like Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Maze Runner, The Last Legion, Nowhere Boy, Game of Thrones, and most recently, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Brodie-Sangster continues to pursue his professional acting career and is also part of a band called Winnet and appears to be in a happy relationship with former child star Isabella Melling.

  1. Jonathan Lipnicki

Best known for his role in Jerry Maguire and the Stuart Little films, Jonathan Lipnicki was an incredibly successful child actor, having grossed three-quarters of a billion dollars at the box office before his tenth birthday. That’s a sum the adults who play to hit the jackpot at Lucky Creek dream of.

Lipnicki decided to step out of the spotlight in his teens and attended an ordinary public school.  However, he couldn’t stay away from acting for long and went on to appear in a few well-known productions including Family Guy over the years.

Today, Jonathan lives a pretty relaxed life and is a passionate Jiu-jitsu practitioner. He hasn’t quite lost his love for acting though, as he continues to be involved at the Playhouse West under the guidance of legendary Robert Carnegie.