Smart Phone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

It seems like phones are getting smarter every day. But, just because you have a smartphone in your pocket, it doesn’t mean it is actually helping you in your daily tasks. In fact, given the enormous amount of intrusive social media and highly appealing games, there is every chance that the device is tripping you up every chance it gets, and diluting your focus.

Remember that a phone works for you, not the other way around. Delete distracting apps now, and instead install apps that are geared towards making your life easier. Here are a few great modern apps that are designed for one purpose; helping you be more efficient, and helping you make the most of your day.


First we have ToDoist. It is a simple, straightforward checklist app that does exactly what it sets out to do, and then some.Simply inform the app what it is you have to get done over the course of the day, and it will automatically arrange the entries. Just remember to include the event and a time, and the app will assign that entry to the specified time.

But there’s more. Best of all, it works across multiple phones, simultaneously. This means that if you work with a team, each ToDoist app will update accordingly, ensuring that everyone is on the same page all the time. Additionally, leaving a blank space in your day is assigned as a break, allowing you to understand when you’ll have a chance to kick back for real money slots games online. Taking breaks is, after all, a big part of organizing your day.


ToDoist works on a daily basis, but Calendar is concerned with a much broader scope. What makes a calendar so unique is that it is directly accessible to your work colleagues and clients. In other words, they can choose a spot that is open on your calendar, and make a request to insert themselves. Of course, the app will not allow conflicting entries, helping you avoid the tedious task of managing entries yourself. Truly an amazing app that is sure to help a broad range of active people.


The opposite of what the name says, Slack is an app designed to keep track of multiple communications, organized them, and make them easier than ever before to search through. This means that many groups of people can have many text interactions, and those conversations will be incredibly easy to refer back to, at any time. This is essential for offices that communicate with one another on a regular basis, and need that information close at hand.


Last we have Hoot suite. If your business uses social media, then this is the app that will make the task of updating those accounts an absolute breeze. Simply link the accounts via Hoot suite, and updating every account in a few moments becomes a reality. The app has been called a game-changer, and for very good reason. You will save more time than you thought possible, while still keeping your business active in the world of social media.



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