Costly Car Trends


Owning a car today has become more expensive compared to the old times. This is mainly because of the fancy electronics that today’s motor manufacturers are putting in the cars as design trends. Some of these design trends are unnecessary as they make motoring expensive. Back when most car components were not electronic, all that a car needed was correct servicing. It was all the assurance that you would travel for longer distances without incurring any breakdowns or surprise costs. Adjusting the clutch, getting the brakes re-aligned or even replacement of some minor parts was not expensive as it is now.

Durability for most car components today does not mean ‘’lasting long” in the real sense. It means wearing out a number of times and a lot of repairs which are expensive. The introduction of the flexible belt is another design trend in cars today. Most car owners are still struggling to cope up with the effects. Disaster comes when the belt needs to be changed. Car owners do not read the car manuals carefully enough to remember when to have the belt changed.

It is also advisable for consumers to buy cars that are not expensive to maintain unless you are in forex or have lots of money. There are so many websites that will help you with saving tips. This will avoid wasting money on cars that will put you in depth.

To top it off, most of the latest engines are made in a way that when the water pump fails the belt snaps and the ultimate end is of a ruined engine. The engine is wrecked because of failure to promptly replace the belt. This means that the car owner has to pay for engine repairs regardless of the fact that it was serviced correctly.

Leave the expensive cars to the super-rich celebrities who can afford large maintenance bills. Even after winning money from forex trading online sites, avoid getting a car that will quickly deplete your prize money.

Three Ways SMEs Can Benefit from VoIP


Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is essentially a way of accessing phone services over the internet rather than through a dedicated separate phone line. Traditionally, all users, business and personal alike, used to use a Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN. This is a big network of circuits generally operated by a range of phone operators. However, with the advent of the internet, many big businesses have swapped to VoIP, and now many smaller businesses are following suit.

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The Advent of VoIP

While still a relatively immature market, the use of VoIP has really taken off in recent times. Perhaps because of this, many providers are still entering the marketplace, meaning that there is strong competition for customers, which is good news for business and personal users alike.

This rapid adoption of VoIP can be attributed to a number of things. In part, it is out of necessity as some providers, such as BT, will be switching off PSTN services after a certain date, as can be seen here

Infrastructure Needs

One of the reasons VoIP is so attractive to many small businesses is that it helps in the establishment of an overarching integrated network. While in days gone by it was the norm for businesses to use a wide range of siloed networks, it is cheaper and more efficient and effective to have one infrastructure that combines video, data, voice, etc.

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This makes communicating easier for employees and allows businesses to run in a more streamlined way.

Cost Savings

In addition, VoIP calls tend to be a lot more cost-effective than PSTN. Often they are free, which is obviously a huge bonus. With so much competition in the market place, it is fairly easy for small businesses to find a really competitive package to suit them. Organizations shouldn’t worry about wholesale VoIP termination rates either, as there are many options in the market to consider, such as

Great Quality

One perceived drawback to VoIP was in voice quality. However, as technology has improved, so too has the quality of calls. It now rivals or even sometimes surpasses PSTN. The same goes for connections – even in remote parts of the world, VoIP can rival traditional methods.

If your small business isn’t already using VoIP, then get in touch for more information.

Interior Inspiration For Your New Conservatory


Having a conservatory is a wonderful way to add additional space and value to your home. They are a flexible option that can be used for all sorts of different functions, creating precious extra space.

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If you are looking into conservatories Cheltenham and Gloucestershire area and thinking about adding one to your home, consider how you are you going to style it. If you already have a conservatory, perhaps it’s time for a makeover. There are big improvements to be made on even the smallest budget.


Vintage styling is everywhere at the moment, and our conservatories are no exception. To make the vintage style work in your space, don’t go overboard with it; choose one or two key pieces – like a coffee table in the middle of the room – and make sure the look is not too overly coordinated at any one time.


Long the fashionable trend for stylish interiors, the industrial look is surprisingly flexible. Mix traditional styles with brighter accents.

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Shabby chic

Shabby chic is another interiors trend that does not look like it’s going to disappear any time soon. Use a base of white furniture and white accessories as a base.


Bring the outdoors in with a floral-based décor. Let conservatories Cheltenham bridge the gap between inside and outside, then add a statement floral wallpaper or a touch of horticulture through prints and fabrics. Throw open the doors and enjoy your space!

Totally Tropical

You’ve undoubtedly seen the flamingos and pineapples that are everywhere at the moment, part of a very popular tropical trend. We’re not saying you have to find space for a flamingo, but we’re confident you’ll love the greens and oranges of this trend. Start with bold prints against a neutral base – rattan is always popular for conservatories – and cut yourself a slice of the tropics!

For more tips on the interior design and styling of your conservatory, see the suggestions from Ideal Home.

Ultimately, whatever style you choose is easily updated. Interior fashions change just like any other trends, and nothing is forever, so choose something that you love now and throw caution to the wind. The trick is not to see your conservatory as an add-on; instead, treat it as part of an important part of your home.


How are people buying their cars this year?


For most people, cars are a major investment that can be vital to both work and leisure time. With the car market changing rapidly, the ways in which people buy cars also adapt. Here are five ways that are currently popular.

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More PCP contracts

The only section of society that currently prefers saving until they have enough to buy a car outright is the 17-to-21 demographic. For everyone else, Personal Contract Purchase, or PCP, is on the rise. These contracts allow a more manageable, flexible payment system that fits the average four-year cycle that most people follow with car ownership.

Newer cars

In 2018, new car sales dropped by 20%. This was a continuation of a long-term trend partially caused because new cars lose their value so quickly. Buying new cars also results in more paperwork than a second-hand model, which you can often drive away on the same day.

Meanwhile, second-hand dealers have seen a dramatic improvement in their reputations for reliability and transparency. For example, reputable motor trade insurance can make a dealer more trustworthy. You can visit Quote Me Today for motor trade insurance. Buying second-hand cars are becoming ever more efficient, so it is possible to find a recent, high-quality model for a decent price.

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Fewer high-end cars

Current trends seem inclined more toward practical and efficient cars that are better designed for day-to-day living. Consumers have become less willing to spend more for a larger, fancier model. £20,000 appears to be the maximum investment many buyers are willing to make.

Fewer electric cars

Following the trend toward efficiency, electric cars are losing popularity. While the environment is still an area of high concern, the increased interest in electric cars has been offset by the lack of charging points in combination with limited battery life. While the government has taken steps to improve facilities for electric cars, there is still a long way to go. For many people, it is not viable to run an electric car until that infrastructure is in place.

More automatic cars

Although being able to drive a manual car is important to many people, many are now choosing to buy automatic cars. They’re commonly perceived as more reliable and easier to drive. Good-quality automatic cars can be bought relatively cheaply in the current market.

How to style a maxi dress this summer


A maxi dress is a summer staple in many women’s wardrobes, and it’s easy to style various ways to get you through the season.

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An article in Your Summer Skin cites comfort, sun protection and the fact that you don’t need to shave your legs as some of the key reasons that maxi dresses continue to appear on catwalks and High Streets year after year.

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The very nature of a maxi dress is that it is cool, comfortable and casual. With so many different options on the market these days, it’s entirely possible to dress most maxi dresses up or down as much or as little as you’d like. For this reason, they are an extremely versatile piece that can be as appropriate for a summer wedding as they are for a day in the park. What are the best ways to style a maxi dress? Here is some summer inspiration for you.

With trainers

Lily Allen once wore trainers with a prom dress. While many people still disapprove of combining sports shoes with anything that isn’t sportswear, this is an effortlessly cool look that is as practical as it was stylish.


The light hues of denim go well with many summer colors particularly striking reds or yellows. A cropped denim jacket with a maxi dress can also go some way toward making your legs look longer and keeping you warm on those cooler summer evenings outdoors.

With heels

Teaming maxi dresses with heels is a great, classy look ideal for a formal summer event like a wedding. A black maxi dress available at AX Paris with nude heels and chunky gold jewelry is a perfect ensemble that is both cool and tasteful. The dress will also disguise the heels, making you appear naturally taller.

With a belt

A plain black maxi dress can be given a new lease of life with something as simple as a chunky belt. Not only does it add detail, but it also accentuates the waist for a more flattering look.

With beachwear

A maxi dress is the perfect beach cover-up. Often crafted from light fabrics designed to billow in the breeze, you’ll be cool and casual on the beach or by the pool. Teamed with flip flops, shades and a wide-brimmed hat, you’ll also be exuding style.


How to Choose Your Prom Hairstyle


There’s so much to think about when getting ready for the prom. Hairstyling is an incredibly important part of this, as getting your hair right is essential for completing a great prom look.

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Think Ahead

No one just wakes up with great prom hair, so some preparation is required. First, think about what kind of hair you have. Your hair may naturally be extremely curly or poker straight. You need to make a realistic choice based on what kind of style your hair will adapt to more natural. Very fine, straight hair may not retain waves the way you would like.

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You also want to think about the shape of your face, what kind of jewelry you will be wearing and what kind of neckline your outfit will have. Accessories and clothes frame the face, and the hairstyle should look lovely within it. If you are thinking about dancing energetically during the prom, then you will want a style that can be firmly held in place.

Different Looks

Once you have evaluated what kind of style will work for you, consider looks that will work for different types of hair. Wavy hair can look lovely tied back in a low pony, with strands pulled out to soften the hairline and wrap around the fastening. Straight thick hair can be curled with tongs, fastened in a bun and then strands removed to soften and decorate. Strands can also receive extra curling for more effect. For thin short hair, braid sections and then twist these into a loose pony that sits at the back on the rest of the hair.

Of course, gorgeous hairstyles must be complemented by elegant prom dresses. Teenagers these days take choosing their prom outfits very seriously. To learn more about some prom-goers choose their outfits, see this report in The Guardian.

If you want to find high-quality prom dresses that don’t cost the earth, then why not look at a site such as, where a stunning collection of outfits is brought together in one place?

Above all, have fun with prom hair. It may take a few practice sessions to get the style exactly right, but that is part of the process, and at the same time you will learn a lot about what works for your hair.

The best radiators for small spaces


If space is tight in any room, finding a radiator that can still pack a punch with its heating power while taking up as little space as possible is important.

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Here are some radiator choices that can be small on space but big on style.

Slimline style

If you’ve got a small space to furnish, you don’t necessarily want to compromise on style, and slimline radiators are often a good choice to fit onto a small wall or where space is currently not being used, for instance behind a door.

Towel rail radiators that multi-task are a great way to save space in a small bathroom.

Make a statement

Ideal Home has some styling tips to help you incorporate a column radiator into your decor scheme. Steel column radiators such as the Roma range can be supplied in a huge variety of widths, heights, and colors, so they could fit any space and design scheme. Apollo supplies column radiators that can be customized to any creative idea and can be incorporated into kids bedrooms, galley kitchens, shower rooms or any small space.

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Many modern radiators are designed to look like a piece of modern art instead of a typical heating system, and these are a great choice for small spaces because they can mean you do not need to add any more space stealing decor items such as plants or floor lamps to make a style statement.

Modern lines or traditional spirit?

The right radiator can become an artistic feature as well as an efficient heating system in your home. Copper finishes and grey steel colors are very on-trend but so is capturing the spirit of days gone by with some traditional styles. Column radiators work well in rooms with period charm as they are a classic style that can blend the looks of days gone by with the performance of up to date heating technology.

The size of your room won’t stop you finding the right radiator, with so many radiators available to choose from with slimline styles and customizable dimensions available. Work with a radiator supplier to consider the different options to fit any small space you need to heat, and you’ll soon be enjoying your tiny room as a cozy space.


Why retirees should get closer to nature?


New research suggests that living closer to nature is better for your health, and might even extend life expectancy. The Environmental Health Perspectives journal recently published a study that found that individuals living in green areas have a lower mortality rate. People living within 800 feet of green space have a 12% lower mortality rate from non-accidental causes, compared to those living in the city and away from green places.

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Nature’s benefits

Statistical analysis showed that the participants’ social engagement, level of physical activity, mental health and exposure to air pollution are likely explanations as to why living close to nature makes a difference. This corresponds with research conducted through the years that demonstrates that greenery can affect health. More vegetation results in less pollution and keeps the air clean.

In addition, you will find that in green spaces, such as parks or Gloucester park homes, which are close to nature, retirees are motivated to get outside, engage with other people and get exercise. These combining factors have positive effects on mental health and are beneficial in addressing numerous diseases that the elderly are often affected by.

Research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that mental health and mortality are directly linked to exposure to greener environments.

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The research found that contact with nature is restorative and soothing, and this is directly linked to improved mental health and overall happiness, resulting in a better quality of life. As seen in environments such as, the social engagement of living in a community of like-minded people has a positive effect on people’s mindsets.

A community of retirees

Living in an environment with a strong community spirit, where all residents are over 50, ensures that nobody feels isolated. Gloucester park homes are virtually maintenance-free, as they are manufactured from insulated timber frames with uPVC exteriors. Plenty of greenery surrounding these homes stimulates residents to spend more time outdoors.

Retirees that have lived in a city all their lives find the relaxing environment of living close to nature beneficial to overall health. Anyone close to retirement would do well to consider getting out of the hustle and bustle of city life, with its polluted areas, honking car horns and thousands of people who are not at the same life stage. Nature is an investment in life.

Why are so many students battling housing nightmares?

A recent survey has found that many students in the UK have to endure shocking housing conditions that could affect their health and safety.

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Accommodation problem

One study has concluded that student accommodation is largely unsafe and overpriced in the UK, with 90% of students have experienced a problem with their dwelling.

According to The Guardian, more than a third of students also think they’ve been treated unfairly by a landlord.


It’s not just private rented accommodation that students are having problems with, but issues are also commonly cropping up in halls of residence and other university-owned properties.

There are a wide variety of issues that students have grievances with, and while the top concern is noisy housemates, the majority of problems focus on maintenance areas.

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Many students complain that they’re not living in safe accommodation, without even having basic services. Some students report having broken or damaged facilities, lack of heating and water, dangerous or unsafe conditions in the house and limited security that could leave them prone to getting burgled. Increasingly, many students complain about having to live in accommodation infested with bugs, rodents, and pests.

Duty of care

Landlords have a duty of care to their tenants, and as well as ensuring property is safe and maintained, it should come with the appropriate facilities. Property inventory software, such as Inventory Base can certainly help with this.

However, the reality is currently somewhat different. Many students aren’t getting the appropriate assistance they need from their landlords. One survey found that 20% of students had to wait over a month to get issues with their property resolved, while 4% of students claimed their problems never got fixed.

With the cost of accommodation taking an enormous bite out of a student budget, it’s no wonder that many students are struggling to cope in dire conditions. Half of all students face problems paying the rent, so it’s not hard to see how many students end up suffering from mental health problems as a result of this.

The good news is that the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 recently came into force, which means landlords have a legal obligation to maintain their properties. Failure to comply with the new rules means that students have the right to take legal action against landlords who shirk their responsibilities.

Keeping your conservatory warm or cool


Conservatories are a popular way for homeowners to extend their property. They can be used for a range of activities, whether it’s as a dining room, living space, playroom or home office. One of the only drawbacks is that they become too hot or cold, but the right choice of window dressing or treatment can help with this.

Popular choice

Conservatories have become a common home improvement. They have a relatively low cost when compared with other extensions and they also offer a healthy return on investment. Research from Zopa, a peer to peer financial platform, found that those who opted for a conservatory saw on average a 108% return.

Before you look at the options available for your conservatory, you need to decide on the purpose of the room. In many properties, it may have a number of uses depending on the time of day. With almost 14% of the working population categorizing themselves as home workers, many people will require their conservatory as an office space. If this is the case, it’s especially important to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Keeping the right temperature

Conservatories can be particularly hot in the summer, which is not helpful if you want to make the most of the space. At the other end of the year, they can also suffer from extremely low temperatures in the winter months. You can help to keep the space at an optimum temperature by the use of certain window dressings and treatments.

There are a number of specialist conservatory products available that will fit the space precisely and match your requirements, including solar inserts and blinds. It is much easier and more effective to choose a product that has been designed with this use in mind. For example, they may fit easily onto a conservatory roof or have the technology to maintain a comfortable temperature. This includes solar inserts by Polycool, which are an effective way of keeping your conservatory cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter.

With the use of the right products, you can have a conservatory that is available to use all year round, whatever you need it for. You’ll no longer need to huddle up to keep warm or open all the windows to try and let some air in.